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What Is the Significance of the Relationship Between Eddie and Beatrice As the Play Develops?

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WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EDDIE AND BEATRICE AS THE PLAY DEVELOPS? Plan --> Catherine's Job --> The Cousin's Arrival --> Rodolpho Singing --> "...I Want My Respect..." --> End Scene- "...My B..." Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine, living a cocooned life in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Then came Marco and Rodolpho, Beatrice's cousins from Italy, and their insignificant world was turned upside down, and a series of events lead to Eddie's demise. During the first act of the play, there are three important events to take into consideration when discussing Eddie and Beatrice's relationship. Catherine is offered a job and is delighted at the opportunity to earn money and become a working woman. However, she wants to gain Beatrice's support before telling Eddie about this chance. When she does tell Eddie he is defiant that she will not take this job. This upsets Catherine because she needs Eddie's approval, as she sees him as a father figure. Beatrice encourages Catherine, but Eddie is pessimistic about the whole opportunity. He makes up excuses as to why she shouldn't accept the job; such as "I don't like that neighbourhood over there." In reality Eddie is keen to protect her a while longer, and he doesn't want to let her go and gain independence. ...read more.


Catherine and Beatrice appreciate Rodolpho's good humour and enthusiasm, and this makes Eddie uncomfortable. Eddie attempts to prevent Rodolpho from forming a relationship with Catherine. Beatrice feels he should not be interfering, but only implies this. The cousin's arrival is a turning point in Eddie's life, as Catherine starts to gain independence and discover the fact she can love someone who is not Eddie. The next crucial point is when Eddie implies that Rodolpho is gay. Rodolpho and Marco go to work on the piers, and whilst working Rodolpho sings. Rodolpho sings the first night he is with the Carbones and Eddie is quick to tell him to stop, saying he will get "picked up." After this, he has "a campaign solidified in him" and Eddie believes Rodolpho is gay. Rodolpho's qualities- singing, cooking and dress making, are seen as signs of weakness by Eddie and this campaign sees Eddie start to believe that Rodolpho is only after Catherine so he can get legal papers into the USA. At one point, Eddie goes to see Alfieri- lawyer and narrator in the play, to see if there is any law against what he thinks Rodolpho is doing. ...read more.


This event occurs because immigration come and take Marco, Rodolpho and the two submarines away, and Marco realizes that it is Eddie who has snitched on them. The realization hits Catherine and Beatrice, and Catherine turns against Eddie. Marco spits in Eddie's face, a significant event that shows Marco's hatred for Eddie. It is this event that enrages Eddie and makes him determined to seek revenge- Marco spitting in his face and accusing him has turned everyone against and he has lost his 'name.' Marco and Rodolpho are released until their trial, and Catherine and Rodolpho press ahead with their wedding plans in order for Rodolpho to gain legal access to stay in America. Marco comes after Eddie as revenge for turning them in and `killing his children` and Eddie is ready for a fight to regain his `name.` This fight results in Eddie being stabbed and dying in Beatrice's arms. Eddie's last line "My B.!" indicates his love for Beatrice, although he feels he has been wronged by all of the protagonists and was, in fact, in the right throughout the play. Eddie has deluded himself throughout the play, and this delusional behaviour continues to his very end. He still believes he was in the right throughout, and will not compromise this view for anyone, not even Beatrice- his wife. ...read more.

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