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What is the significance of the title of the novel Enduring Love? What does Enduring Love have to say about the nature of love and/or relationships?

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Whole Text Title: What is the significance of the title of the novel Enduring Love? What does Enduring Love have to say about the nature of love and/or relationships? Enduring Love is a story that in the whole is about love. The title of Enduring Love plays a role in summing up one major idea of the book, and it pulls the many different types and actions of love into two words. The way that Ian McEwan shares stories of love and indirectly teaches the readers about love is through the ideas of love that is everlasting, love that must be endured, and love as a theme. The idea that love is everlasting is shown more towards the end of the book where we learn more about a few relationships, and where we are left with a few details where love continues. The first example of love that lasts is with Mrs. Logan who had lost trust in her husband when he died with the idea that he was unfaithful. The reader learns, as well as Mrs. Logan, that Mr. Logan wasn't unfaithful, but instead helping two other people out. ...read more.


We know it's you husband, the father of your children, but we're in charge and please don't get in the way..." Emotionally, she is on a roller-coaster and her mind is running to conclusions and she isn't emotionally stable because she wants answers. Physically she is worn out and not looking healthy or happy, "The eyes that held mine were small and dry, not reddened by grief, but sunk, and glazed by weariness. She looked a long way off, out on her own in unspeakable weather, like a lone Arctic explorer." Then, when she finds out that her husband wasn't unfaithful Mrs. Logan has to endure the fact that she was wrong and that she can't be forgiven because they person she betrayed is dead. Jed then also endures a lack of love because he loves Joe so much, but never receives any from Joe. He endures pain physically and goes through emotional stress because there is no love from Joe. Emotional stress is shown in his statements. First, "I love you, Joe, and it's wrecked my life," and second, "...If you wouldn't return my love, I thought I'd rather have you dead." ...read more.


Misinterpreted or misunderstood love is shown by Jed through his belief in signals and by Clarissa because Joe becomes irrational because he is worried for himself but also Clarissa. Lastly, love that is destroyed is Clarissa's and Joe's by the insane obsession by Jed, and the Logan's love by Mr. Logan's death and the wrong interpretation of why his death happened. The author mainly teaches us that love is two-sided, without two people sharing a love for each other, the relationship won't work. Love can't be selfish because when you're only concerned with yourself, you aren't showing your love or consideration for others. Love takes work; a relationship will have its' ups and downs, but love isn't how you are at the good points, it's how you work together at the bad ones and get out of them; a little work in a relationship can go along way. Lastly, love can make or break someone; it can save or destroy someone. The significance of the title Enduring Love is to introduce a main theme and to sum up the two ideas of the story; love that is enduring, or what enduring love can do to people. The author also teaches a lot about relationships and love; that they take work, love comes in many forms, and that one move can affect the whole scheme of things. Kristen Schroeder ...read more.

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