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What is the the theme in "Romeo and Juliet" and what did you learn from it?

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Q: Describe one theme in your text and explain what you have learnt from it. "Death lies upon her like an untimely frost Upon the sweetest flower of all the field" In the play "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare one of the main theme is Time versus Love. Time is such a strong presence in the play it is an almost unnamed character; the whole play is conducted in less than a week creating urgency and a rush of time. Fate is also their enemy and is expressed by a series of impossible coincidences that end up Romeo and Juliet both dead. Shakespeare also portrays many different types of love expressed by multiple characters but none survives the destructive forces of time. The play begins on a Sunday morning where Sampson is introduced. Sampson; a strong man who loves fighting and is good with woman - that is Sampson's self image. Sampson thinks of love as a kind of war or battle using words such as; "weapon," "cut," "push," "thrust." Also he says "'tis known I am a pretty piece of flesh" suggesting that he only cares about the physical sensation not love itself. It is a selfish kind of love as he brutalizes woman out of existence; "I will cut off their heads... ...read more.


Juliet's true mother is the Nurse; her mother Lady Capulet did not nurse her because she had been trying to escape from the ravages of time; her figure was more important to her than her daughter. Also Juliet's father does not see Juliet as a daughter but a sort of property that he can use to expand his business; Juliet and County Paris marrying would give him more wealth and power. When Juliet refuses to marry Paris Capulet commands her "to go with Paris to Saint Peter's Church, or [he'll] drag [her] on a hurdle thither." He also changes his opinion of her. From "bless'd that God had lent us but this only child" he says "This one is one too much." When Juliet, afraid of her father leans on her mother she coldly replies; "talk not to me, for I will not speak a word. Do as they wilt, for I have done with thee." It is similar with Romeo's parents; there is not a scene in the play where Romeo talks to his parents and instead they send Benvolio to do the talking. The friar is Romeo's real father but he betrays Romeo by offering nothing but the nunnery to Juliet and running away without Juliet, leaving her alone and ready to suicide. ...read more.


However when Romeo comes back, he dies. Juliet is forced to take the potion because of the lack of time; "Time is very short" and most unfortunately her faked death reaches Romeo's ear before the true story. Romeo travels to her deathbed in moments to see her for the last time and hastily takes the poison and Juliet wakes up and stabs herself to be with Romeo forever. At his banishment Romeo says "O, I am Fortune's fool" fool meaning plaything. Also when Juliet has a row with Capulet desperate not to marry Paris Capulet calls her an "A whining mammet, in her fortunes tender." He complains that she is crying when good luck has been offered to her but of course this is the opposite. This is all orchestrated by fortune and there was nothing to do to stop it. "This day's black fate on mo days doth depend; This but begins the woe others must end." In conclusion the theme is love versus time. The two lovers timing was never right which led to ultimately their death. But the question remains; Can love really withstand time? Although Romeo and Juliet dies, Tybalt and Mercutio is slain, Rosaline is forgotten entirely, the Capulets betray their daughter for wealth and power the meaning of love that feared not even death still goes on. Their sacrifice causes peace among the two families when they see the true meaning of love. 1365 words ...read more.

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