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What Is This Thing Called Love?

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What Is This Thing Called Love? The article, "What is this Thing Called Love?" was strictly referring to relationships and the sexual encounters that come with it. It talked about all of the frustrations that come with being married and experiencing different sexual levels or feelings than your partner. Science plays a huge role in understanding your partner's desires. Everyone approaches their erotic encounters already primed by a premixed neurochemical and by hormonal influences that keep that power of sexual passion and desire a float. Being able to understand how hidden neurobiological agendas may operate in the bedroom and making conscious decisions about intimate acts does not always come easy. Problems of passion can be influenced by relationship conflicts such as depression, stress and the past sexual trauma, to certain medications and medical disorders. ...read more.


With new lovers, sex is the peak experience of the relationship. Everything is great and both partners want lots of sex, get their fix, and then want more. They believe it must be love. Within 18 to 36 months this romantic rapture will begin to burn out. To be able to fully understand a couple's sexual struggle, another chemical comes into affect called testosterone. Both sexes produce testosterone; men produce in their testes where women pump out smaller amounts from their ovaries. It is proven that testosterone highly correlates with the male libido. Resent studies have shown that testosterone correlates with females as well although, on average men tend to be hornier than women. Men think about sex more often, masturbate more often and rank sex as more imporant in their lives than women do. ...read more.


No one can do it for them. I believe that in a relationship there will always be battles to face and overcome. Without them, what would a relationship be? You have to work with one another on a consistent basis and grow stronger together by getting through the hard phases that come with being in a relationship. No one is able to make decisions for you, and sometimes things are just not meant to be, but that doesn't mean you have to give up complete hope. There are people who dedicate their lives to helping people no matter what the situation could be. Always believe in yourself and put forth everything you can to help build a strong relationship and work your way up the latter of love. It will not be easy, but if you really love someone, eventually things will surpass and be better than ever imaginable. ...read more.

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