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What is to blame for the deaths of Romeo andJ uliet?

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What is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? 'Romeo and Juliet' is a play written about a couple's trials and tribulations written by William Shakespeare. I will explain and comment on the play expressing my views why I think that Romeo and Juliet were to blame for their own deaths. Although Romeo and Juliet were not entirely to blame for their own deaths, they did however contribute a great deal to the final climaxing tragedy. The couple innocently provoked events, which eventually spiralled out of control until the only way out for the two lovers, was death. From the start, Romeo quizzed the audience to how stable he was with love. We are told about his love with Rosaline, who never actually appears in the play. This could be because of her insignificant's as a character in forwarding the plot, or that it shows Romeo is not very successful when it comes to love. When Romeo describes her, he does seem to show how little control he has over his emotions when he speaks, and the length of his speeches as he gets carried away with love. The poetic language he uses in these speeches also shows what a hopeless romantic Romeo actually is. 'O she doth teach the torches to burn bright...' ...read more.


It is also ironic that they meet when Juliet is actually meant to be meeting Paris. The fact that Romeo should not even be at the party also spells trouble and makes the whole situation between Romeo and Juliet seems false. Romeo and Juliet do not realise that they are Montague and Capulet until after their 'love at first sight' escapade. Montague and Capulet are like opposites, and this is how they are portrayed in the play. This is copied throughout the play, especially in Romeo's language, but also by Juliet. Juliet says "My grave is like to be my wedding bed." This has the theme of conjunction of death and marriage. These opposites spoken by both lovers are hinting to the audience that they too are opposite, and create a negative feeling within the audience. This use of opposites is used by Shakespeare to show that Romeo and Juliet don't go together, just as opposites don't go together. A main turning point in the play for when Romeo and Juliet's starts causing trouble for them is when they decide to exchange vows, and get married. This is foolish from both of them, and also the Friar who marries them. The audience knows how Romeo is with love and so getting married does not seem the best of ideas. ...read more.


Again I don't think it was the Friar's fault as he was doing only as asked by Juliet, and his plan nearly succeeded. Although Romeo and Juliet had a lot of pressure from their parents, and other events, they were not forced into making the decision of killing themselves. Even though they may not have been with each other, it would have been very likely that they would of eventually found new love. This is more so for Romeo. Romeo has always come across as he is more in love with looks than anything else. This is shown with previous relationships. I think that he would have got over this relationship, just as he got over his relationship with Rosaline, and we actually saw how quickly again with Juliet. I think that Juliet will also get over this relationship. She is still too young to be in any serious lasting relation, and after all the passion had gone between the couple, she would have soon got fed up with Romeos immaturity. After studying the play of Romeo and Juliet I have decided that know apart from Romeo and Juliet themselves are responsible for their own deaths. Although they did not deliberately cause their death, they did deliberately cause the factors the factors that led to their deaths such as going against their parents will. I do not blame Romeo and Juliet for their actions, and a large part of the final traumatic event is just the result of an unlucky set of events. ...read more.

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