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What Is True Love?

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What Is True Love? What is a true love story? Does true love even exist? Is it mandatory for all love stories to have the, "happily ever after" ending? Is Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte, a true love story since it doesn't have an eternal gleeful conclusion? Bronte takes a different approach to the romance of Catherine and Heathcliff, to show that sometimes there are barriers and obstacles in the way of what could have been an amazing relationship. Wuthering Heights proves that during the Victorian period most people chose mortality versus their feelings, in guidance to the path they chose to live. Over and over again throughout the novel, Catherine pronounces her deepest love for Heathcliff yet proves to be hypocritical against her claims of affection. Examples of her hypocrisy are shown through their years of youth, adolescences, and adulthood. During their childhood, there was no doubt that Catherine and Heathcliff were a pair. ...read more.


You might be dumb, or a baby, for anything you say to amuse me, or for anything you do, either" (67). Catherine plays with Heathcliff's heart as a ping-pong ball, hitting it back and forth only causing him confusion and depression. The truth is that Catherine does love Heathcliff, but denies herself the love because of the pressures of her society and class. As she becomes older, she starts treating Heathcliff more and more as a servant, and not as her best friend, like he use to be while they were growing up. Not only is Catherine hurting herself immensely, she is breaking the heart of her love as well. As the years went by and Heathcliff set out to become a gentleman, Catherine broke her pact with him. Catherine married Edgar Linton, not for true love, but for a motive. "If I marry Linton, I can aid Heathcliff to rise, and place him out of my brothers power" (79). ...read more.


Catherine finally realized that she should have followed her heart. Catherine and Heathcliff's misfortunes, recklessness, willpower, and destructive passion are unable to undergo the eternal love they share. However, love is hardly the main theme of the book. It is difficult and possibly wrong to consider Emily Bronte's classic, Wuthering Heights, as a romance novel. As Romantic authors tend to look into man's inner nature, so did Bronte glimpse into the mind of Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw. What she came up with however, is hardly a social commentary on the human mind. These are two unique characters that must exist in their own world, not found in Liverpool. They had everything when they were together, the dreams, the hopes, the love, but society kept them apart. Catherine allowed others to get in the way of her eternal happiness, and so until the end they were both miserable. So was Wuthering Heights a true love story? To many it was one. Does true love exist? Catherine and Heathcliff certainly prove this, and finally is it mandatory for all love stories to have the happily ever after ending? It seems not. ...read more.

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