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What is Willy Russell telling us about class and society in 1980(TM)s Britain in the play Blood Brothers and how

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What is Willy Russell telling us about class and society in 1980's Britain in the play Blood Brothers and how? Blood Brothers is a play by Willy Russel set in the 1980's which brings forward several issues about them time period, for example the split between social class and the high unemployment rate. In my opinion this is an interesting play which keeps the readers attention throughout with a dark end. The narrative revolves around twins that were separated at birth and grow up together being friends and not knowing the truth about their past, the play has a narrator which is very much a fundamental element in the play, he reveals in the opening scene that should the twins ever find out the truth they will both die, which adds to the tension and dramatic irony throughout the play which I will discuss later on. Throughout the story Russel is telling us about class and society, about how different the two ends of the spectrum are that if your poor your treated like your poor and if your rich your treated like a higher class human being. ...read more.


Another way he tells us about social class is the language they use, Eddie who is the twin that is given away to the higher class or 'posh' family speaks very differently to Mickey, who stays with his mother. Eddie speaks perfect English and uses much bigger words as appose to Mickey who speaks in slang and uses rather smaller words. This shows a huge difference in social class when they are talking to each other as you can really notice the language gap, this shows a difference in social class because even if they were both brothers and born from the same mother they speak completely differently to each other because class defined who people were at that time and how they acted. The narrator in Blood Brothers is shown to be a bitter and depressed working class man who seems to be attracted to these two twins, he reveals from the start that should they ever find out they are twins they will both die, which in the end does happen, he also plays minor parts throughout the play. ...read more.


Finally, I think Russell makes it very clear about the huge gap between the rich and the poor was in 1980s. You notice this by the way the characters talk to one another e.g. Eddie and Mickey. Also the actions taken, e.g. when Mrs Johnston gave Eddie to Mrs Lyons because she was very poor and couldn't afford to have more children. Russell also makes it clear about how bad unemployment was then. We know this because it's very clear throughout the book and even Mickey one of the main characters doesn't have a job and so this may be due to the different class systems. Mickey who is poor and lower class is unemployed although Eddie his twin has just graduated from university and is higher class. This shows that the class systems can effect a child's education and opportunities when grown up. ?? ?? ?? ?? Freddie Savell Mr Price 1 Samuel Whitbread Community College ...read more.

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