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What is your assesment of Hareton, and does he deserve the happiness he eventually finds with Cathy?

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Hareton's Qualities are described by Nelly Dean as 'good things lost amoung a wilderness of weeds' and even Heathcliff admits he is gold put to the use of pavinmg stones' What is your assesment of this character, and does he deserve the happiness he eventually finds with Cathy? Haretons life was one of cruelty and suffering, with his childhood taken away by the feindishness of Heathcliff. He was described as 'gold put to the use of paving stones' but how can such an able boy turn into a 'swearing', ' rough' man? Ever since Mr Earnshaw returned from liverpool, and brought back an adopted boy caled Hethcliff, Hindley hated him . Heathcliff had tempers, hit Hindley, used blackmail, and always got him into trouble. Hindley decided to take revenge on Heathcliff whenever he could, and when Mr Earnshaw died, he received his chance. The land, proporty and inhabitants were all under his control. Hindley 'trannical personality' and 'insane excitement' was portrayed on the treatment of Hethjcliff. He made him a slve, 'flogging', 'beating' and 'swearing' at him. From that moment on, Healcliff vowed to take retribution on Hindley. ...read more.


Nelly is quite surprised by this as he also says he hates his real father. This is highlited at the end of the novel when he was the only mourner at Heathcliffs grave. Haretom is always thankfull for what he sees as Heathcliff's advise. He teachs him how to swear and hate his 'devil daddy' Heathcliff aslo takes away Haretons education, telling him to threaten the curate. Later on in thw volume, Heathcliff tells Nelly how he is proud of the way he has treated Hareton, he explains how he treats it as a competition and how he has outdone Hindley. Heathcliff was beaten and treated badly, although he hated Hindley and yet still got educatiomn. Heathciff has outdone Hindley because Haretonm has been beaten and treated badly also, yet he still loves Heathcliff and has no education. He explaons how it is payback ofr Hindley, and maybe this is why Hareton turned out the way he is, because he was 'used' and not treated as an adult. It is not fair to say at all that Hareton is in anyway evil or rough, as Heathcliff himself made Hareton. ...read more.


Hareton is now seemingly going down hill willingly, smoking and swearing more than ever, yet this is not totally correct as we see when he makes an attempt to come across differently for Cathy. Again this reminds us of a mirror image. The young Heathcliff smartened himself up for Catherine, as an attempt to impress her after she called him 'dirty' an now Hareton has washed, 'visible by the glow on his cheeks, and wetted hair' Although this does not work, as he becomes the center of her ammusement in the next chapter. When Cathy points out to Hareton his name abouvr the alcove of thr door, at wuthering heights, she asks what it means. Hareton, not eduvcated, says he doesn't know. She calls him a 'colossal dunce' and that he 'looked so stupid. Haretron gets mad, and 'growls. When Cathy points this out to Nelly, and tells her that it was funny, Nelly scowls at her and tells her off. Nelly points out that she wouldn't asl be able to read if brought up in his curcumstances. This is absolutly true and makes bold that fact of his upbringing and how it was not his fault. He did not deny his education, he was never given the chpoise to have it. ...read more.

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