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What is your impression of Robert Cohn? Paying close attention to the passage, show how the writer has created this impression.

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What is your impression of Robert Cohn? Paying close attention to the passage, show how the writer has created this impression. My impression of Robert Cohn is that he is insecure and self-conscious. This is because it is mentioned in the passage that he took up boxing to 'counteract the feeling of inferiority and shyness' that he felt on being treated as a Jew at Princeton. He became very good at it as it suited him. He also felt an 'inner comfort in knowing he could knock down anybody who was snooty to him'. It also gave him a 'certain satisfaction' of some sorts even though he had a permanently flattened nose as a result of it. He was also good at boxing. Boxing suited him and he became good at it. Also, Spider Kelly, his teacher, not only remembered him but also wondered what had happened to him. However, he is a gentle person. ...read more.


He also did not look like a middleweight boxing champion and the author suspected that his flattened nose was a result of something else besides a boxing accident. Also, after his divorce, he fell among literary people and backed a review of the Arts. His name also appeared as a member of the editorial board until he became the sole editor. He also liked the feel of power. When he was the sole editor of the magazine, it could be seen that he liked the 'authority of editing' and was 'sorry' when the magazine became too expensive. Robert Cohn is also not assertive. He did not express any discontent but instead allowed his wife to harden him into an 'unattractive mould under domestic unhappiness'. He also did not divorce her even though he was not happy throughout their whole marriage. ...read more.


It also makes the reader want to know how he had managed to overcome his insecurities through boxing. It also makes the reader want to know about his disastrous marriage to his wife and why it was disastrous. It also makes the reader wonder why they wanted to divorce when they had three children as children usually signify a happy marriage. The reader would also be naturally interested in his literary pursuits before, during and after his marriage. They would also be interested in why he gave up boxing to read. They would also want to know about the things that he did while among the literary people and why he joined the advisory board and later became editor. The reader also would want to know why he later had to give it up. The writer creates a feeling of suspense by first giving a summary of Robert Cohn's life. The reader would then be curious to read more to find out more. ...read more.

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