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What Is Your Opinion Of Lady Macbeth As A Woman And As A Wife.

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Emma Wrigley 10J What Is Your Opinion Of Lady Macbeth As A Woman And As A Wife At the beginning of the play Lady Macbeth is portrayed as a callous, malicious overpowering woman, but at the same time she is a loving wife, who is willing to put aside her own womanly feelings for the sake of her husband's happiness. She represses her natural feelings of guilt and sorrow after the murder of King Duncan, so she can become the woman Macbeth needs to make sure he remains sane and does not lose control of his feelings. When she is left alone without Macbeth depending on her, her true feelings start to show through and we see a contrast from the Lady we first thought she was. When Macbeth becomes independent and she is left alone, the guilt she possesses builds up and becomes so powerful that Lady Macbeth commits suicide. When we first meet Lady Macbeth she is reading the letter from her husband describing the predictions of the three witches. She does not question what Macbeth has written. She knows her husband intimately and knows that he is too full of the 'milk of human kindness' to be able to realise his ambition. ...read more.


One, she could have been covering for her husband before he gave anything away by taking the attention away from him and Duncan. This suggests that she does not trust Macbeth and feels that he could break and confess. Lady Macbeth may have fainted because of the reality of what she had done and felt overwhelmed with all the commotion and blood that she and Macbeth had spread. In my opinion Lady Macbeth does not trust Macbeth and fears that he might implicate himself or her in the murder. By fainting, Lady Macbeth takes attention off Macbeth and there for there is no risk of him confessing. At he beginning of Act three Scene two Lady Macbeth reveals to us that she regrets what she has done to Duncan, she says that nothing has been gained from this and 'Tis safer to be that which we destroy'. This shows that she would rather be dead than have to live a life full of lies and deception. This is the first time she admits her doubts. As soon as Macbeth enters the room her personality changes. She acts free of doubt that what they have done is wrong and she puts on a bold front. ...read more.


A lady who in Act one Scene five was willing to kill a person for her husband's ambition, now is an insecure, vulnerable woman who is obsessed with the sight of blood. Lady Macbeth's power and self-control at the beginning of the play was shown by the way she spoke in verse, with a controlled and articulate rhythm. By the time we reach Act five Scene one, Lady Macbeth is not the ruthless, merciless woman she was, but a broken lady overwhelmed with guilt. The way she talks in this scene is disjointed and in prose, showing complete loss of the self-control and sanity she had, at the beginning of the play. Lady Macbeth puts on a fa´┐Żade to help her husband realise and achieve his ambitions. Lady Macbeth was aware that by himself and without encouragement Macbeth would not be able to commit the murder of Duncan. As the play progresses so does Macbeth's confidence. His confidence leads him astray for Lady Macbeth's dominance leaving her unable to cope with her guilt. Eventually she becomes so overpowered by this guilt that she is driven to commit suicide. ...read more.

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