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What is your opinion on Eustacia Vye.

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Eustacia Vye In my opinion Eustacia Vye lives in a dream world, she's basically waiting for her tall dark stranger to come and sweep her off her feet, in the meantime she has chosen to pass her days on Egdon. This is the place she so often claims to hate, " The Heath is a cruel taskmaster to me" She thought with the arrival of Clym life on the heath would become more bearable, the fact that she saw him as an escape helped this, before she even met him she had already concocted her plan being, Clym was going to fall in love with her, and then they together would leave the Heath behind for the bright lights of Paris. " Having won by he own unaided self a man who was her perfect complement in attainment appearance an age- just how she imagined it only they didn't live happily ever after She never for one minute thought that Clym would change his mind, this is because she underestimated his love for the heath. " she had undoubtedly begun to love him. She loved him pertly because he was exceptional in this scene, partly as she had from the first instinctively determined to love him chiefly because she was in desperate need of loving somebody." ...read more.


"There had been nonchalance in his tone, showing that he felt no absolute grief at a consummation which to her was a positive horror" Eustacia was a bandmaster's daughter- highlights her class "she is Captain Drew's granddaughter. And she is a lady by instinct. This is one thing that Eustacia and Mrs Yeobright have in common "How extraordinary that you and my mother should be of one mind about this" "I have vowed not to go back, Eustacia it is not the place I dislike it is the occupation. Eustacia had always been an outsider even until her dying day, the main reason for this was because she believed she was better than all of them on the Heath and that she didn't deserve to be there. She was able to use her superiority to get her things, for example she was able to take Charley's role fro him by promising to hold his hand There were so many people that were in love with Eustacia, or at least thought they were in love with her. No matter how bad she treated them, it was as thought she held a spell over them, in fact Susan Nunsuick took this quite literally, which is one of the reasons as to why she took to pricking Eustacia in the middle of church, causing her to faint. ...read more.


This power does pay off though, this is how she convinces Charley to play his part in their play. "Eustacia Vye was the raw material of divinity" she had the passions and instincts, which makes a model goddess. Eustacia's soul is described, as being flame like- this is a symbol of passion, and the fact that she has a lot of energy. The fact that Wildeve and Eustcia had this everlasting bond is shown in the fact that they couldn't keep away from each other even though they both got married, and the fact that thy even died together, Wildeve risked his life in order t save Eustacia. Clym did the same, this shows the power she held over these three men In particular. Eustacia is a very confident person, she knows what she wants life, and she is going to achieve no matter whom she has to use to get it. She's the total opposite from Thomasin in the sense that she's independent and isn't really scared of anything not even death, which basically means she's unstoppable, when Clym confronts her about his mother's death, she doesn't deny anything and she even encourages him to hit her if it will make him feel better, but not for once does she seem bothered in the slightest. ...read more.

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