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What issues do we find in Educating Rita?

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What issues do we find in Educating Rita? The first issue in Educating Rita is Frank not being to keen on teaching Rita but he has to because he needs the money. ' D' y' need the money? ' ' I do as a matter of fact '. Another of the early issues is Rita's husband Denny not wanting Rita to go to the Open University. ' I tried to explain that I wanted a better way of livin' me life.' Throughout the whole play Denny shows how he doesn't want Rita going. ' Why can't he just let me get on with me learnin'? You'd think I was havin' a bloody affair the way he behaves.' Rita has no tradition of academic education so the fact that it wasn't 'cool' for Rita to learn at school ' Studying is just for wimps.' Makes it a lot harder for Frank to teach her and make her understand what he is talking about. ...read more.


' It wasn't borin' it was bleedin' great, ogh, it was fantastic.' This leads her on to going to see more plays and she becomes more involved. Frank likes Rita's essays and work but says they are not good for exams. 'Is this your way of tellin' me I can't do it?' Says Rita ' Rita I don't know what I want to teach you, what you already have is valuable.' Frank begins to fear that he will damage the irrepressible spirits, the passionate directions of Rita which so inspires him and lifts him out of poor teaching that he has fallen into. When Rita returns from Summer School she has widened her knowledge, she is also a lot more confident in herself. ' I forget now, cos after that I was askin' questions all week, y' couldn't keep me down.' Rita now has her own opinions and Frank doesn't like it. ...read more.


Rita now thinks she is an expert. Rita tries to change her image, this is mostly due to her flatmate called Trish. Trish is a very upper class lady and dresses fashionable and is highly educated. Rita begins to try talking very posh ' I'm not giving a tutorial to a Dalek.' An issue shown pretty much throughout the book is Franks jealousy. Rita says how she has been down on the grass with a student named Tiger and how him and his friends had invited her to come to France with them. 'You cant go... errr you've got your exams.' Even though Rita's exams are before the holiday. He later says 'All right, but please stop burbling on about Mr. Tyson (Tiger).' But Rita has hardly said anything about him. The last issue is Frank realising he hasn't managed to get Rita to turn out how he wanted her to be. He says ' You write good essays but they have nothing of you in it.' Frank is disappointed in what he has created. ...read more.

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