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What Lay Within... Once upon an era, there was a girl called Meadhbh and she lived with her mother and her brother.

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Marjorie Ahern. 25.06.2001. What Lay Within... Once upon an era, there was a girl called Meadhbh and she lived with her mother and her brother. Her father died when she was none other than six months old. Therefore, her mother was left with two very young children to look after, fend for and rare, even though she was not much more than a child herself. However, even though Meadhbh did not know her father she felt his presence in her life was missing. She knew there was a gap in her life that somehow she had to find a way to fill. One day after a very long period of time she decided to visit the graveyard in which her father's grave lay. However, what she found was not what she had anticipated and her life soon changed in a very dramatic way. The graveyard was an unusual one though. It used to be a playground for children at a point but as Meadhbh grew older she realised it was the playground attached to her father's primary school. There was a spook about this graveyard and very few people knew about. Every time Meadhbh walked past the graveyard she heard children's voices screaming, laughing, chatting, singing and generally the sound of music from young children. However, this was something that had driven Meadhbh away from visiting her father's grave but the time had come for her to face her fears and so she ...read more.


But then as if the weather was acting according to her mood the sun disappeared and she was slowly but surely she was dissolving into a silver mist which had appeared from no where! However, where was she going? She didn't feel like the weather alone had changed, she herself was falling through something, which she felt she had been through before but where? It was exactly like her dream but more vivid, and this time more alive. Was it happening or was she just wishing that the dream was coming true? She was lost in her own feelings now and was not sure how to react to what she was experiencing but at that moment she did not even know whether to laugh cry scream or shout because she knew what was ahead of her and somehow elation burst forth. The ground was soft and although it was quite dewy for the time of year she knew exactly where she was - she was at home in the meadows behind her house. She was standing by the tree house that she used to play in with her brother and a sudden gale began to rise. So she scrambled up her things and still not knowing what was really happening she ran towards her house and went inside. She could smell tobacco - the good stuff that her grandfather used to smoke. ...read more.


The room was actually smiling back at her. Full of life and happiness the same life and happiness seemed to have been lost in Meadhbh's life was visible everywhere in that one room. That one room contained her wishes and dreams, which would content her all her life, but it was to be lost. Her father was dead and she had to come to terms with that and until she did this dream world would always be a reality. Meadhbh had to realise in a very short space of time and at a very young age that in order to be happy in her life and to achieve all her ambitions whilst still thinking about her mother and father. She had to look deep into her heart and look for something which would without fail even in the worst situations, be able to guide her through troubles and along with these troubles all the joyful occasions which she would be part of. The love, which she had thought she had never experienced, was the love that made her strong enough to make the journey through time and universes to finally meet her long lost father. She had her father's bravery within her and it was "what lay within" that gave her the strength to carry on in life with the spirit, and soul of her father along with the body, spirit and soul of her mother alongside her to guide and support her through life. ...read more.

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