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What leads to the downfall of Madame Loisel in the short story "The Necklace"

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In this assignment I will be looking at the downfall of the character Madame Loisel in the short story "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant. Maupassant was born in France in the 19th century in the Chateu de Miromesniall. He wrote about women in the lower-middle class because he had in interest in them. He might have written about them because of his own experiences he had with them. Madame Loisel was a woman of the lower-middle class but she firmly wasn't pleased about it. She lived a simple life but made herself miserable with dreams of riches and luxury. The poet shows this when he says "Dressed plainly, having no money to spend on herself" This suggests she dreams of a big and wealthy life. She has high expectations but is also a little greedy. The writer shows this when he says "She was unhappy as if she had known better days" This suggests that she was a little bit imaginative. ...read more.


She was the prettiest woman in the room and now feels elegant and graceful; this shows us this is the peak of the story for Madame Loisel. Towards the end of the party while Madame Loisel was enjoying herself her husband came over to her and put a shabby looking coat on her shoulders which plainness clashed with the smartness of her ball dress. In embarrassment she shrugged it off and hurried away so she wouldn't be noticed by the other women putting expensive fur wraps on. But this resulted in fate playing its part and the diamond necklace that she borrowed was pulled off her neck without her noticing. After losing the necklace the Loisel's decide to go look for a replacement, they find one costing 36 thousand francs. They stall for time telling the friend they borrowed it off that they had broken the clasp of the necklace and are getting it mended. ...read more.


However still it was one 19th century issue that proved to be her main downfall and that was the class structure. The poet shows this when he says "They pay back the money for the necklace and live in great poverty for many years" This suggests that she lost everything and could only afford the absolute necessary things in the house. In my opinion I think the thing that leads to Madame Loisel's downfall was the negative attitude towards her lifestyle. She took her husband for granted as her selfishness and greed would always overcome her. She had a great life and lived in a flat with everything they needed and she gave it all in. She had now become an old woman and she neglected all of her needs. However she had now become a tougher woman and become nicer as she lived the life of a peasant. In the end fate acted upon her and she got what she deserved. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hammad Baig English Mrs. Thomas ...read more.

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