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What makes a good ghost story?

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What makes a good ghost story? A good ghost story needs a scary setting like a Castle, Monastery, graveyard or somewhere what is spooky. A good ghost story has too make you feel like you are there it needs to have suspense to make you want to keep reading. A good ghost story has to make you feel like you are there and know what the characters are feeling it also needs to build up the tension and suspension in the story. In a good gothic novel you might find a ghost, curse, witches, and superstitions deaths. Good gothic novels usually have settings like a cemetery, monastery, forest, old house or somewhere where no one usually goes. The story 'The Red Room' is written in first person the good thing about it been written in first person is that you know what he is thinking and you know what he is thinking. The story 'The Red Room' was written by H G Wells was written in the year 1894. ...read more.


"I stood at the top of the steep cutting nearly over his head..... Down in the deep trench" this piece of text is taken from the first paragraph. It is important because it gives the idea of decent. The signalman was below and wanting the narrator to go down to this place. "A rough zig zag descending path....." "Cutting was extremely deep and unusually precipitous" This piece of text is on the top of page 106. "The 'Rough' zig zag descending path" This piece of text makes you thinks that it is dangerous and that if he fell he would seriously injure himself of even kill himself. It also seems a strange place to put the box underground where no one can see it. The setting adds suspense and mystery to the story. In the story the signal man there are two main characters the signal man and the narrator. In the story when the signal man looks down the track he sees a figure which looks like it is waving at him. ...read more.


Caption murderer In this story caption murderer is a serial killer who marries young women and on the wedding night kills them chops them up into small pieces and bakes them in a pie and eats them. The caption is only caught when he meets two twins. One loves him but the other hates him. He decides to marry one of them on the wedding night the twin which hates him sneaks to the house and looks through the window, she sees the caption sharpening his sword an having his teeth filed. The next day her sister is dead. She remembers what she seen and decides to marry him but on her wedding day before she is killed she takes poison and when he eats her he also eats the poison and dies. I think that at the ending the sister wants to make sure she kills him that's why she takes the poison instead of putting it in his drink or dinner. I think that the story is a bit silly because the captions wife's always die the wedding night and no one seems to notice this. Mark Heslop 10 Bass ...read more.

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