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What makes Act 1 Scene 1 such a dramatically effective scene?

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Romeo and Juliet What makes Act 1 Scene 1 such a dramatically effective scene? A dramatically effective scene contains the build up tension between the two violent families. They behave aggressively towards each other to keep the audience thrilled and gripped to their seats. Shakespeare explores the themes of love, hatred and violence. Firstly, the scene features Gregory and Sampson. We learn that the situation in Verona is full of argument and disagreement. It shows the conflict between the two families, Capulet's and Montague's. It is important to introduce this conflict at the beginning of the play, so that the audience would feel familiarised with the story so far, as the prologue has already talked of the 'two households.' Furthermore, Shakespeare introduces the theme of violence and hatred. The conversation between the two men is very boisterous and involves them bragging about to each other about their 'manliness.' ...read more.


But I do bite my thumb." However when Benvolio enters, the men begin to fight. This exemplifies that both families are aggressive towards each other. Further on, this part of the scene is also made dramatically effective because when Abram questioned Sampson, there is a build up of tension amongst the audience. Benvolio is the cousin of Romeo and a member of the Montague's family. T first impression of Benvolio is that he is quite intelligent. He knows better than to fight in a public place because there would have been bad consequences for both families. He shouts "part, fools!" to break up the fight and Tybalt enters, the cousin of Juliet. Tybalt characters juxtaposes with Benvolio because Benvolio believes in keeping peace, whereas Tybalt only thinks about killing his enemies and is full of hate. This can be seen in the tone of the characters lines "what, art thou drawn among these heartless hinds? ...read more.


Shakespeare uses metaphors "love is a smoke raised with fumes of sighs." This shows that he is lost in love and talking nonsense about his passion. Shakespeare also uses oxymoron's "cold fire" and "sick health" to show the Romeos state of confusion caused by love. "Cold fire," for example, this shows Romeos thoughts of passion have been somewhat dampened by the fact he is not loved back. This is the first introduction of the key theme love, which is really important in the play. The introduction of the love theme is dramatic because it is very passionate a heartbreaking and grabs the attention of the audience. Consequently, Act 1 scene 1 is an intriguing scene because of the tension built up by the different themes. Shakespeare engages the audience by the aggressive and impulsive attitude of the characters. However we are made to empathise with the love struck Romeo, which makes this episode 'dramatically effective' and lively. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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