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What makes America great?

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´╗┐America the Great Rishi Seshadri Period 3 2/5/11 America is a unique and young nation that is recognized as both a great nation and a greedy nation. America being a greedy, corporation based economy and society is only one of the many valid criticisms listed in John Stossel's video. But for over a century, nations all over the world have looked to America for support in times of need. When America went through tough times, it became known for its resiliency. And for each of America's shortfalls, there are countless citizens making their voice heard to make America a better place to achieve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Therefore, you could say America is a people's nation. America lets you, as a citizen, stand up for what you believe is right. ...read more.


This gives America an interesting opportunity to support other nations. Support is America's middle name. For decades, America has donated food, water, and clothing to disaster sites, areas with political corruption, and other places where people are affected by poverty, famine, and war. The American people live up to this standard as well. When the need arises, Americans donate time and money to help their kind survive and be resilient; an example of the American spirit. Even after America defeats another nation in battle, the American government pools disaster money and rebuilds and funds nations they have defeated. As stated in Stossel's video, America does not force defeated countries to pay reparations. We do however, contribute to rebuilding the nation and creating a better country following the moral standards we follow. ...read more.


In conclusion, America is a nation that is perceived as opportunistic, commercial, and a "dog-eat-dog" world where all kinds of people can do all kinds of things. In some people's minds, this is freedom at its best. It is a tradeoff between rules and privileges. For others, America is a place where people are always out to take advantage of someone, and as mentioned in Stossel's video, an immense amount of freedom does not limit this habit. Although the line of ethics is blurry, America still represents many of the ideals we hold today. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are rights that that will never be relinquished by the American people. In fact, America is the standard to which today's ideals are held. A land of opportunity, a peaceful and supportive mindset, and a common resilience in Americans are just a few reasons why America is truly a great nation. ...read more.

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