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What Makes Me Different.

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What Makes Me Different. By Mohamed Abdel Raouf 900-00-1018 Course: ELCT 113 Instructor: Dr. Magda Amin Section: 02 Paper #2 - Draft #3 What Makes Me Different. The behavior of a human being varies according to the mental, psychological and social growth. In fact, this behavior varies from nation to nation. Education, family and friends are the major components that affected my life and made me who I am. I. What makes an individual different from others a. Factors affecting personality b. Clothing and eating is not a way of identifying a person. c. Identity is build up of many components. II. Family and its effect on me. a. My dad: his love to organization. b. My uncle: sense of humor. c. My grad father: patience. d. My mother: not to be quick in making decisions. III. Education a. The wrong way of education at schools. b. The education at AUC. IV. Friends and how they affected my identity. ECLT 113 Mohamed Abdel Raouf Paper #2: Egyptian Identity 900-00-1018 What Make Me Different. The character of any person is the result of his experience, social life and education. ...read more.


Everyone's person is made of many components, and as in my case family, education and friends are the major components that build up my identity and made of me who I am. Family had a great influence on my identity or in other words, my character. From my early beginnings - when I was child - I used to look at my father and learn from him, even if he was not intending to teach me. I learned from my father to be organized as I used to see him organizing his stuff. My mother taught me to be patient and try not to be quick in making decisions, and not to jump to conclusions before thinking and analyzing the problem that faces me. My grandparent is the one who had the greatest influence on me, as I used to go with him fishing when I was a kid, and that taught me to be patient. I gained my sense of humor from my uncle, as he is the funniest person I ever know; he is never sad and always smiles. ...read more.


However, my study at AUC is different, as one must understand what he learns, and as in computer science major, one cannot succeed without understanding. Friends are another component in identity that affected my character and made of me the person who I am. Friends in the life of the teenager are more important than his family, as he go out with them and spent most of his time with them. Every group of friends affects each other, as every group members is affected by the some of the character of the other members, that after a couple of years of being friends, you may find those friends acting the same and their speaking style is the same. This specific attitude is what happened to me as when I was a teenager, I was highly affected by my friends and their chracters. Consequently, identity means the factors affecting each person character as education and family and this is reflected in one's way of thinking and language. In general, Egyptians as a whole are very significant people and they appear to be strange. They are full of contrasts and puzzling attitudes. However, they are considered to be kind and generous, so they are loved by most people of the world. ...read more.

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