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What makes the Lost World so interesting to read?

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Name: Candidate number: The Lost World What makes the Lost World so interesting to read? The Lost World is one of the greatly known books by sir Arthur Conan Doyle. There are many things that made this book then and now so interesting to read, then it was simply the plot and the story of the great English explorers conquering and fighting for their country. Now we see it interesting for other reasons. At the time he wrote this book a lot of things were incredibly different from what they are now. The Edwardian time was the time when England had its great empire and the British were very keen and eager to find new land, civilize countries and find resources such as gold and jewels. The stereotype Edwardian gentleman is found in The Lost World, his name, Lord John Roxton. Known for his bravery and hunting skills, he agrees to go on a expedition to a mysterious plateau along with other characters Ned, Challenger and Sumerlee. He was the typical upper-class man in his 30s and he regarded anyone who wasn't English or European as an inferior race of savages. ...read more.


This is what they thought while we regard the Accola as humans like us Challenger thinks of them as a sub humans or in short words and inferior race. We find that the Accola and the Doda are in a war against each other and they share or fight for the other half of the plateau. Our heroes decide to join the Accola in the war, and have more of them come over night to prepare for the great battle. They plan how they will attack them and soon the Doda start coming in sheer numbers but the British explorers and the Accola fight with a combination of arrows and rifles to chase off the Doda. Our explorers leave the Accola to decide what the want to do with the remainder of the Doda off, they arrive at the Doda camp and see the last of them being driven off the cliff. If this were now we wouldn't do so because a whole species would be exterminated, we would bring some back and examine them and make sure there was females so they could bread again. ...read more.


The biggest difference we see between Doyle's book and the BBC's Lost World is the end. In the book we have Ned planning to go again with Roxton this shows the eagerness of conquering for the British. In the book the characters pretend to have faked the whole thing to protect the environment and the species that lived there. This also shows how we think differently to the Edwardians towards nature. The last difference in the book and the film is that we have a priest in the film; he represents all the people against Darwin because he chops down the tree to have the explorers stranded in the plateau instead of Gomez. The book The Lost World is so interesting because of all those points I have written in my essay, but there is also little things, like each chapter leaves you on a cliff hanger making you want to read on but there is also loads of suspense and many questions going through your mind when you are reading the book like will they get off the plateau? How will they get off? What will happen to the Indians? This is why Doyle had so much success with this book. ...read more.

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