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What makes these chosen stories Thrillers?

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What makes these chosen stories Thrillers? Introduction It is very difficult to write what makes a typical thriller, as there are many genres before the word thriller, but one of the most common factors throughout all of these genres is that a thriller thrills the reader as they are reading. The most classic thrillers are murder mystery thrillers such as Silence Of The Lambs. The six stories I have read are The Pedestrian By Ray Bradbury, Miriam by Truman Capote, Marihuana And A Pistol by Chester B.Himes, One Ordinary Day, With Peanuts by Shirley Jackson, The Catbird Seat by James Thurber and Button, Button by Richard Matheson. The three stories I have chosen to write an essay on are Miriam by Truman Capote, Marihuana And A Pistol by Chester B.Himes and Button, Button by Richard Matheson. The thrillers that I have chosen are psychological thrillers as they focus on the workings of the character's mind and mental state throughout the story, some of the stories have a touch of extreme violence which makes the story also have a touch of an action thriller. What makes these thrillers are that they attract the reader by building the story up by using the characters and leaves the reader wanting to know more by keeping them thrilled. Miriam by Truman Capote Truman Capote's thriller Miriam is about a middle-aged woman called Mrs Miller, who lives alone. She decides to go to a picture house and meets a little girl, Miriam, who asks Mrs Miller to buy her a ticket. ...read more.


who owns a .38 revolver, he buys two weeds and gets high, he finds the idea of sticking up the main offices with two beer bottles a good idea. He comes across the pistol that is in his room and ends up shooting a storekeeper. He runs away from the store but when the police have caught him he does not know what he was running for. This story is saying that the type of behaviour of young American people is usually to do with crime, as they become bored they end up taking drugs and they stay in because their addiction leave them with no money. Marihuana And A Pistol was very interesting as Himes used a lot of emotional and descriptive words, I also like the way it is short which makes it very fast moving. The genre for Marihuana And A Pistol is an action thriller because Red shoots a storekeeper and runs away. I would also say it was a psychological thriller as Red mental state changes " felt a dread fascination of horror growing on him". In the first few paragraphs you find out that Red has a pearl handled blue .38 steal revolver and he has smoked some marihuana "weeds" and his girlfriend has decided to "quit him" when he did not have any more money to spend on her. He starts to get an idea; just a simple idea of light triggers these ideas. It is important that these details come early in Marihuana And A Pistol because it gives you the feeling of what Red is going ...read more.


Arthur does not care for the money and feels pressing the button would be immoral no matter who died. Norma feels that if it was someone she didn't know it would not matter. Immediately after Norma pushes the Button the writer intends the reader to feel a sense of horror, he does this by making the reader feel the horror of the character by using very descriptive words. "A chill of horror swept across her". The first twist in the story you find out that Arthur is the person who has been killed; my initial reaction to this is that Mr Steward was lying because he said that someone that the Lewis's did not know would die. The second twist in the story comes in the last few lines when Mr Stewards says; "Do you really think you knew your husband?" Mr Steward has basically tried to point out that she did not know him in the full sense of the word. I think that it is hard to know anyone fully so Mr Steward was correct in the way he thought. Conclusion I preferred these thrillers, as the all had something interesting about them and they seemed more unusual than the other stories. All of these stories have a strange twist at the end. All of the three that I have chosen were psychological or action thrillers and each of them had a hint of the other genre in them. I wrote in my introduction that it is hard to write what makes a typical thriller and that seems to be true, as I have labelled each of these thrillers with two different genres of thriller. Clatyn Janes ...read more.

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