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What message Dickens want to convey to his readers of A Christmas Carol and how does he get this message across to his readers?

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Pavi Sandhu 11.5 English Essay 'A Christmas Carol' Miss Stewart In this essay I will answer the essay question, which is, what message Dicken's want to convey to his readers of 'A Christmas Carol' and how does he get this message across to his readers.' Dickens tries to show us that even the most cold-hearted, evil person can change into a better person using Christmas spirit Ebenezer Scrooge is the main character in Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol. Scrooge is a very cold-hearted and self-centred man, who has no love for Christmas, children or anything; that only thing he has feel affection for has to be his money. Scrooge represents the hard-hearted, upper-class Victorians, who only think about for themselves and their money. Scrooge had a sister called Fran. Who sadly pasted away, Fran was married and had a child called Fred, Fred loves Scrooge very much, because Fred's late mother and his uncle Scrooge were very close and both loved each other very much. ...read more.


It carried with it a metal cap, made in the shape of a candle extinguisher. The ghost took Scrooge back to his childhood which wasn't particularly pleasant; Scrooge's father wasn't a wealthy man, so Scrooge spent most of his childhood expectably Christmas at the school while his friends went home to their families for Christmas. One Christmas Scrooge sister Fran, Fran comes to collect Scrooge from the school and take him back home as Scrooges father's income was adequate to support Scrooge and his family again. After the ghost takes Scrooge to see his old boss Fezziwig, Fezziwig was a old jolly man who Scrooge was a apprentice for, Scrooge though Fezziwig was one of the kindest boss's he had ever had. Fezziwig was the complete opposites of Scrooge, even though Scrooge still looked up to him, when Scrooge first saw him he said '"why, it's old Fezziwig! Bless his heart; it's Fezziwig alive again!"' This shows that Scrooge enjoyed working for Fezziwig, also the way Scrooge felt working for Fezziwig, Bob should felt the same way. ...read more.


"Not coming upon Christmas Day?" he is genuinely upset and wishes that Martha would be able to be there. With a dyeing son they still manage to keep their spirits up and keep Christmas a happy and special occasion for the whole family. The ghost of Christmas future is a dark figure, he represented as Scrooges punishment and his fear of death. The message the ghost is trying to get across is that when Scrooge dies, everyone will be happy the day he dies not sad. The ghost takes Scrooge to where 3 old men are discussing a death of a man; one says "It's likely to be a very cheap funeral, for upon my life I don't know of anybody to go to it." This shows that no one likes Scrooge even his nephew Fred. This shows that scrooge should change his ways the thing that he worked he's whole life for as been left to do nothing and no one will remember him and he had no children to give the money to, the only person he had and wanted to get close to him was Fred, and Scrooge kept on pushing him away. ...read more.

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