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What Motivates Lady Macbeth?

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What Motivates Lady Macbeth? Lady Macbeth is of great importance in the Shakespeare's "Macbeth". Various characters, events, actions and her self-determination, trigger actions. But most of all its her ambitions and strength that encourages her. This piece of writing will discuss what motivates lady Macbeth in the play. Shakespeare introduces lady Macbeth reading a letter, which is sent by Macbeth, this letter reveals MacBeth's new position as the 'Thane of Cawdor'. Lady Macbeth than talks to herself and says: "That which cries thus must do, if thou have it...Thans wishet should be undone". At a go this informs the reader that lady Macbeth has an evil touch. But the key part here is the letter Macbeth sent stimulates her into thinking this way. If Macbeth had not sent the letter, she would not have had even one thought on murdering King Duncan. ...read more.


Later on lady Macbeth plan turns out to be a success but when Macbeth returns with daggers and doesn't place them where she told him. She is ashamed of him and considers him "unmanly", so this motivates her into replacing the daggers upon the chamber loins her self. Her reaction to Duncan's death is also very appalling, she faints at the news of Duncan's death, but the real reason behind is to cover up her husband, since the attention is upon Macbeth who is pressured with questions. Later on in the play lady Macbeth changes she gets confused and is enable to keep control of Macbeth as before. This is representing in a scene when she says, "What's to be done?" this automatically tells the reader that lady Macbeth is unaware of the plans and actions Macbeth is considering. ...read more.


This conveys the message to the reader that lady Macbeth state of mind has weakened totally. This also proves the fact that she is disturbed from the murder of Duncan and the recent murders that are talking place. This scene of sleepwalking leads her into killing herself in the end. Which shows that after all Lady Macbeth strong personality turned out to be weak in the end. In the end Macbeth is informed of her death, before he goes to fight Mac duff, so overall one can see the different factors that have motivated lady Macbeth. One big factor is her personality and Macbeth himself. The witches again have played a key role, as they started the whole thing by misguiding Macbeth. On the whole lady Macbeth had been motivated by a various number of things, which have lead a huge change in her personality and her life itself. ...read more.

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