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What picture of Mississippi in the thirties do you get from " Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry"?

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What picture of Mississippi in the thirties do you get from " Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry"? "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry" is a gripping novel based on a family who live in Mississippi in the 1930's. Throughout the novel Racism and injustices are a regular occurrence, this is the picture that is portrayed throughout the novel of what Mississippi was like in the thirties. The story is told through the eyes of a 9-year-old girl called Cassie Logan. Cassie and her three brothers, Stacey, Christopher John, and little man, are constant victims of racial views. They recognise most injustices and occasionally they plot ways of getting revenge. In the early 1930s there seemed to be a severe problem with racism in the south of the USA. The novel concentrates on the state of Mississippi. In the Southern states of the USA, the worst effect of racism in my opinion was how the law turns a blind eye to the doings of the Whites against Blacks. Mildred Taylor portrayal of Mississippi in the thirties late thirties towards black people was told touchingly, it tells and gives us a clear understanding to how they were treated and how prejudices was at the time and the wittingly rights were between the races. A serious flaw in the community was the difference between the standard of education between Blacks and Whites. We imagine a school to be a secure and safe place and when we first begin school we like to have new books, this was all a dream for the black children in those days, but it was a reality for the white children. ...read more.


I fell that a lot of the hatred by the whites against the Logans derives form them being very prominent figures in the Black Community. As I have stated below, Big Ma I adamant to keep the land, when Harlem Granger threatens her, she puts the land in the name of her two sons. It is because Harlem Granger is white that he feels that it is his God given right to own the Logan's land. In a nutshell, due to racism the black people are not allowed to own their land in peace. The main occupation of the white people is businessmen, owning their own retail stores. The main actors in the novel of white members being the Wallaces, the Barnets Mr. Jamerson, Hank and Mr. Grime, all of which have a successful job, The Wallaces and Barnets each owning stores, and Mr. Granger the land owner, and Mr. Jamerson the lawyer. He being the only person whom is white not having a problem with the Logan's and isn't involved in any racism towards them, in fact he helps them in the novel. With a majority of the shops owned by white people, the Logans have to shop some where. On one day in the novel the children are sent to get some shopping from Barnet Mercantile Store in Strawberry. Despite the Logans giving then business they still show hatred and arrogance towards the children shows how they are inferior to them. The situation was the children had been waiting in the store to get the shopping, they informed Mr. Barnet that they had the list of things they required, however for a long period of times he ignored the children and carried ...read more.


Though out the novel racism and discrimination are in the novel, which divide the two ethnic societies. What one has the other lacks in many situations that arise in the novel and in the general way they carry out their lives and every day activities. The white people are better off than the black society economically, in the way that they own there own land and houses and have money, not having to worry if they will have enough money to get by next year. Reluctantly they are treated better by the rest of the community and better respected for being the colour that they are; being as they live in the 70's the period of racial and a none equal society, the law is always on there side. In the event of misconduct the law turns a blind eye to the doings of the Whites against Blacks. Nonetheless there are two sides to every dilemma. The bond that the blacks have towards on another is stronger than the white society has with each other. They know how they are miss treated and are not treated equally to the white so they stand together with one another to try and fight against it, not with each other. With the law being on the opposite side to them, they blacks have a better sense of right and wrong. By this I mean the whites try to provoke the blacks into doing wrong and to try and cause arguments with them, however the blacks have sense of this and rise about this, knowing that by them doing what the whites expect of them, they stay clear and keep out, knowing that the justice wont do them any good. ...read more.

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