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What picture of Victorian life is created in the novel in 'A Christmas Carol'?

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What picture of Victorian life is created in the novel in 'A Christmas Carol'? There are many pictures that 'A Christmas Carol' creates and in this essay I will show you all of them. This novella explores the many diverse types of life in the harsh Victorian era. From the Rich cruel citizens to the poor of poor like the Cratchit family. One of the pictures portrayed in the novella is the fact that many rich upper class gentlemen were not actually gentle men; in fact they could be quite the opposite. He portrays the typically attitudes of these upper class people in the Victorian era by creating Ebenezer Scrooge. Ebenezer Scrooge is the focus point of this book because Charles Dickens was tried to get across the fact that Victorian upper class gentlemen were not nice to each other and did not help the community enough, and only thought of themselves. This was exactly what Ebenezer Scrooge was all of those characteristics and harsher. At the start of the novella we encounter a description of Scrooge before he encounters the spirits. In the book it even calls him a 'sinner'. ...read more.


I think you would feel a bit scared if you were the maid. This just shows you just how much Ebenezer scrooge had changed and what a difference it would make if all the people on the world had the same. Another picture which is created by the novella is the working class hardships, in the novella this class is portrayed in the form of the Cratchit family. The Cratchit family consisted of eight people. Eight people is a lot of children, families were very large because there were no artificial man made contraception so fertilization was very common, another reason is that with more children you can sent them to work and get more money. Living conditions were not great; they had a small house and did not even have a cooker to cook the goose on Christmas day, so they had to send it next door to the Bakers. They had a small house because they could not afford a big house unlike Mr Scrooge. They had a fire which had to heat the whole house; it was still cold unless you went right up lose to the fire. ...read more.


Fred has come to personally invite his uncle to a Christmas party at his house but Ebenezer Scrooge declines as back then he did not believe in Christmas. The middle class back then is roughly the same today; it is the group between the super rich and the super poor. This was one of the smaller classes. We are not told what Fred does but it was probably a good job in an office because he would not have been working in a factory nor washing windows. The novella also pictures Victorian life as very traditional, for example in the Victorian days family gatherings were very important and an example of this was the disappointment of Bob Cratchit when Martha joked that Belinda Cratchit could not attend the Christmas lunch. The games they played back then were also very basic and did not require many things. For example at Fred's house me see that their game that they play was 'Blind Man's Bluff' , all you needed for this game was people, a piece of clothe and the lights dimmed. In Conclusion I think that Charles Dickens had achieved his aim of making people more aware of the fact that everyone needs to nice to people and everyone in turn becomes happier therefore making it a happier place to live. ...read more.

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