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What qualities do you see in Juliet?

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What qualities do you see in Juliet? "Romeo and Juliet" is an overwhelmingly tragic young love story. The character of Juliet develops dramatically throughout the story. The changes in her character are due to the events that occur in her life. Juliet shows innocence and obedience clearly before she meets Romeo. "What is your will?" These are her first words spoken to her mother. Such words clearly show innocence and obedience. Her character at the beginning of the play is not as strong as it is towards the end. This is because she has not been through much in her life at this stage. She is not independent at all. She has not experienced many aspects of life, as everything is done for her because she is rich and all decisions are made for her by her parents, as she is dependant on her family. Slightly on in the play her mother speaks to her of a marriage proposal. Juliet's reply is, "No more deep will I end ant mine eye, then your consent gives strength to make it fly". By this the reader can gather that she is happy with the decision her mother makes for her. ...read more.


Juliet says, "Delay this marriage for a month, a week, or if you do not, make the bridal bed, in that dim monument where Tybalt lies". By saying this Juliet makes it quite clear that if what she demands is not given then their will be consequences for everyone to face. She refuses to marry Paris and sticks to her decision as she is very passionate towards Romeo. "I will not fail". By this you can see that Juliet is dedicated to what she does and says. She is motivated in everything she does. "Give me! O tell me not of fear". This phrase is from the ending of the story when she is about to drink the potion. This is clear evidence that she is not at all afraid of drinking the potion, despite the consequences such as, Friar could be lying to her and all of this could be some kind of set up. Juliet is very romantic. "Let lips do what hands do". When she meets Romeo she kisses him, although she knows that it is a sin in her religion. Juliet is very passionate about Romeo. Her love for him is major. She trusts him even though they've only known each other for a day. ...read more.


Proud can I never be of what I hate, but thankful even for hate that is meant for love". This shows how disloyal Juliet is as she does not consider what her family is going through and what they want. All she cares about is her Romeo. Compared to the beginning of the play Juliet is a lot more in control of her life. She has lot more confidence and has a clearer view into the aspects of life. She knows what her aims are and what she wants. Towards the end of the play Juliet has matured quite a bit as she has been through a lot. She makes decisions on her own without other peoples consent. "Myself have power to die". Considering Juliet's age she has been through many aspects of life's experiences. Juliet knows that she will have to do what she wants to get somewhere in life, not what other people want her to do. I think that the changes brought about in her character were all due to the events that occurred in her life, the main one being meeting Romeo. Juliet is more determined in the things she does towards the end of the play. Juliet's character strengthened as the play went on. Sofia Rafiq 11y I will rule the world ...read more.

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