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What reaction does Macbeth's letter produce in Lady Macbeth and how does she assure him that she will take charge of this business?

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What reaction does Macbeth's letter produce in Lady Macbeth and how does she assure him that she will take charge of this business? What do you learn about the character of Lady Macbeth from her conversation with Macbeth? In Macbeth, Lady Macbeth has a very manipulative quality and is able to control her husband into getting what she wants. From this scene The audience feels that Lady Macbeth's character as the wife and the stereotypically the weaker part of the relationship is not so, we can see that she holds a more powerful grasp of Macbeth and that she is more masculine than him. This is the first scene that the audience meets Lady Macbeth and she is plotting the death of King Duncan. She is fully aware of all consequences over their actions and what will come of them if they are planned correctly. After reading the letter from Macbeth, it seems as though the letter triggered a dark reaction in Lady Macbeth. The letter tells Lady Macbeth about how he was told he was becoming Thane of Cawdor and then King, Lady Macbeth starts to envision her future, she feels that Macbeth isn't powerful enough to fulfil what the witches told him, that he is too kind. ...read more.


This shows that Lady Macbeth is aware that if she did kill the King she would feel guilt and shame no matter how much she wants to be Queen and she wants all the human and feminine emotions to be taken away. Lady Macbeth's language implies that her breasts and milk, features of being a woman stop her from carrying out acts of violence which are associated with masculinity " Come to my woman's beasts, and take my milk for gall," Lady Macbeth is preparing to commit murder. Lady Macbeth wants to take away the things that make her a woman, she wants her breast milk to be changed to poison, breast milk is seen as a part of nurturing a child, this shows that she despises the power of nurturing and would rather have a masculine role. At the end of the speech Lady Macbeth says " Come, thick night/ and pall thee in the dunnest smoke of hell,/.../ nor heaven peep through the blanket of the dark" It's a very negative ending, talking about dark and morbid things. These show the full extent of Lady Macbeth's evilness and her desires for power, with this ending the readers deduce the power of Lady Macbeth. ...read more.


Here she is telling Macbeth that she will take care of everything again this suggests that she is in control and that Macbeth has no choice but to do what she asks, this also assures him that if she takes control of the situation everything will work out fine. Before this Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth that she will take charge of what must be done "... you shall put/ this night's great business into my dispatch;" She does this so that Macbeth feels that things will be looked after and that the plans will be successful, Lady Macbeth must manipulate Macbeth so that he feels comfortable with the plans. From Lady Macbeth's conversation with Macbeth The audience learns that she is the dominating power in the relationship and she overrules her husbands natural instincts by manipulation. The conversation shows how she guides her husband so that she can have her way and become queen. The last three lines of the scene show how cautious she is and how she wants to do everything so that nothing goes wrong and her chances of becoming queen aren't ruined. She manipulates Macbeth to gain control and her soliloquy's prove that Lady Macbeth wants to be in charge of the plans and that behind what is normally portrayed is an evil woman. SuYin Evan-Cook 11G ...read more.

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