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What's in A lifestyle? It was seven thirty and Susie was nowhere near ready. The school reunion was due to start at eight thirty

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What's in A lifestyle? It was seven thirty and Susie was nowhere near ready. The school reunion was due to start at eight thirty. It was a twenty-minute drive, so that gave her just over half an hour before she had to leave. The bed was already covered in nearly the entire contents of her wardrobe, but she still couldn't find that perfect outfit. With her hair still wrapped in a towel and her face resembling a ruby red grapefruit (having spent far too long in a hot bath) she wondered why she ever let Gemma talk her into attending this damn reunion. Was she really interested in meeting 'friends' that she was sure she would not remember, or even recognise, after all these years? She continued her quest for that perfect outfit and told herself to stop being such a pessimist. It would be fun. Convinced, she finally decided on the jeans that she had recently managed to squeeze into, having shed that half a stone that had clung to her wobbly thighs and bum for the last five years. ...read more.


Straight from school, she had started work as the office junior in a publishing company. Through natural progression, rather than effort, she had become PA to the senior partner. Undoubtedly, the best thing about the job was that she had met Jack, a brilliant novelist, whom she had married. She had left work ten years ago, to raise their three wonderful, demanding, adorable children. She had never regretted the decision to give up her career to stay at home. In fact, she had loved every minute of it. So why the self-doubt? Why should she be worried that her old classmates were going to think her life boring? Was it that deep down Susie was just a little envious of Gemma's lifestyle? Did she herself yearn for the career and flamboyant life Gemma had? She knew many of her old friends had it all; job, career, and family and were very happy. So was Susie feeling some slight discontentment with her life? ...read more.


She wanted nothing more than to give up work and stay at home with her children. Trapped into a lifestyle of nice house, exotic holidays and two cars meant she could not afford to give up work. Then there was Sofie. She had a great modelling career. She had married Charlie. All the girls fancied Charlie at school; he was a real heartthrob. Susie had secretly been so envious of Sofie when she saw the wedding photos in one of those glossy magazines. How wrong could she have been? Poor Sofie, twice divorced no children. She had been quoted as saying it would ruin her figure. Her beautiful face had already been spoilt by too much cosmetic surgery. As Susie cuddled up to Jack telling him how lucky she was, he smiled to himself. He knew how Susie sometimes envied others and had a few doubts about her life. He now knew that tonight Susie had found true contentment and he also realised how lucky he was too. ...read more.

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