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What should the response to Swine Flu be?

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The outbreak of swine flu us is no wonder a nightmare for human being. When the financial tsunami makes everyone tighten their belts, the flu pushes us into deeper panic. Sorrow spreads around the globe immediately after the first reported case in Mexico. The World Health Organization has immediately taken action to deal with this potential health risk. To prevent it from mass devastating, a lot of measures are taken. However, as today, travelling is an easy task; it is very easy to spread the disease. ...read more.


Closing border is merely a way to buy time. If talking about buying time, there are other methods. Those methods, though may not be as effective as closing border, they do not need to sacrifice the world's economy. Instead of closing border, countries should strengthen their supervision. They should check every tourist carefully. Stop every suspicious infected people from entering. This is the frontline of this battle. Once it is broken, the results would be destructive. A virus carrier can infect hundred, and hundred can infect thousand, and thousand can infect the whole Hong Kong. ...read more.


Just like SARS, the damages of swine flu are inevitable. But we should minimize these unexpected losses. The virus itself can only take away your life. But closing border can undermine the economy that would affect trillion people, which probably are more than the deaths caused by the flu. The flu could only last for several months, but the damaged economy can affect you for several years. There are crying in this battles, but there would be moaning and struggling after it. It is obvious closing border is not a good method. To achieve win-win situation, other measures should be taken. ...read more.

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