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What strategies are used to make us feel alarmed about childhood obesity (and eating disorders) in the articles?

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In this essay I will be analysing and reviewing two articles both of which are based on the importance of health. The first article is called "What are we doing to our children?" and is from the Weight Watchers Magazine. This article is about the increasing rate of obesity and how it can be prevented in children and teenagers. Obesity is a medical state where surplus fat has accumulated in the body so much that it has a heavy toll on a person's health to the extent that a person's life expectancy can be decreased. The second article that I will be reviewing is "Girls hit by eating disorders up 47%" this article is from the Sunday Mirror. This article is about the rising number of girls who are suffering from anorexia and bulimia. Anorexia and bulimia are two types of eating disorders. Anorexia, also known as anorexia nervosa, is a prolonged eating disorder which is caused by loss of appetite. Bulimia nervosa is when a person eats large quantities of food but then gets rid of it by commonly vomiting the food out or by using laxatives. The target audience for the article based on obesity are mainly parents, warning them of the effects that obesity can have on their children. We know this because the heading says "our children". This obviously indicates that the target audience is mainly parents since the personal pronoun "our" probably means someone's own child. ...read more.


This photo has been used to show that a person looks far better without suffering from anorexia nervosa. The before and after photographs have been used to show how a person looks a great deal better not suffering from anorexia than actually suffering from the life threatening disease. Many facts and figures are used in the articles to portray the seriousness of eating disorders and obesity; for example, in the article about obesity it says that "55 percent of boys and 70 percent of girls will be overweight or obese". This statistical fact shows the predicted increasing amount of obesity; however, the facts and figures could be a bit distorted and increased as the current percentage for the predictions of obesity are quite lower than Weight Watchers Magazine claims. In the article about eating disorders facts and figures are also exaggerated, which isn't a surprise as the Sunday mirror is famous for exaggerating a lot of their facts and figures! For example "47% from 562 in 2004 to 825 last year"-most of the facts here are true to an extent, however, like the article before, it is surreal since the rates of anorexia are lower than they claim to be. Certain phrases and sentences are used in the Sunday mirror to make us react vigorously towards eating disorders. However, some of these sentences are just twisted to make us think they are very alarming. ...read more.


Although, women are mostly focused on the most in the media, men are also continually pressurised to have the ideal "six-pack" which leads them to also going on extreme measures like anorexia. Though it does sound out of sorts that men may suffer from anorexia, this gender is also pressurised into having the perfect body. Because of the amount of publicity and exposure on women the effects that men may be having from newspaper/magazine articles are ignored. Many male celebrities are constantly promoting the ideal body-every film or advertisement that is on television is constantly showing men with the perfect body and how they can achieve things which are not possible. These sort of commercials encourage men to chase after the body that is being persistently promoted. I think the advertising of people like "Kate Winslett" and other celebrities who lead a healthy lifestyle will help to combat obesity and eating disorders as they will show how leading a healthy lifestyle can change your life. Interviews with celebrities who have gone through both obesity and eating disorders but are now healthy can help to lower the risks of these life threatening as it will show people how being healthy is better than being overweight or underweight as a person will automatically have a healthy lifestyle inside and out. ?? ?? ?? ?? What strategies are used to make us feel alarmed about childhood obesity (and eating disorders) in the article? ...read more.

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