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What techniques does Dodwell use to bring the story of her life together ?

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What techniques does Dodwell use to bring the story of her life together ? Dodwell uses a variety of language techniques to make her journey seem more real at the beginning of her story. She tries to set the scene and describes her motives for going on the journey. "I knew the journey would be more fun in a wild part of the World". Here she is telling the reader one of the main reasons why she chose to go to the place she did, she believed that a wilder place would be more exciting and would hold more for her to do there. She also said how some people had tired to put her off going there because there were bandits and lots of dangers. By telling us, the reader this she is trying to give them an idea of what it was like there and how brave she was to go there all alone with only her horse to protect her. ...read more.


Then she goes son to say how 'yailas' ( local language/dialect given to the people who live in that area) were in the area she chose to go through and she had heard stories of how many people had , had all of their belongings stolen by them. By telling us this we get a picture in our heads of what danger she could have been in, and how brave she was again to go that way. She also describes her surroundings very well here, to give us a deeper insight into the place where she was. She linked them with the ark, when describing things, like a smilie. On the next page she includes information about sightings of the ark. She raises these to show people that others think that the ark does exist. She writes about how she full of hope and curiosity, could the stories be true, could the ark really exist ? ...read more.


This is a philosophical comment, and what she means is that the journey was enough in itself, and that it was worth it, and she enjoyed it at the end of the day. Overall I think that the main technique she uses is that, that she includes many descriptions of dangers& bad things, so we feel sorry for her having to go through it all, and she wants us to think that she is brave & strong-willed, which she is, going on a journey like that, but I think she talks about it a bit too much. I like her use of imagery in the story especially where she links the place to the ark , I think that was well though out and very clever. It is very descriptive also and she uses a wide range of language, and ways of describing things, she doesnt repeat herself which is good too. ...read more.

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