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"What themes are introduced in the first act of measure for measure? How is this done?"

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"What themes are introduced in the first act of measure for measure? How is this done?" In the first act of measure for measure the main themes of the play are introduced. I intend to discuss the themes that I believe to be the most important ones in this play. There are quite a few themes that I can see after reading the first act. Firstly there is appearance vs. reality. This applies to Angelo especially, whose reputation and appearance of goodness do not match the reality of who he truly is. Many people have opinions of Angelo. Lucio for example says this: "Lord Angelo, a man whose blood is very snow broth." ...read more.


His character seems to be questioned when we learn that he has arrested Claudio for getting Juliet pregnant, yet he lets the brothels stay open in the city. This is saying that in one way he is condoning casual sex in leaving the brothels open but he is condemning it by arresting Claudio, so he is giving out very mixed messages. So already we see that Angelo is not all that he seems. Another important theme in the play is Moderation and mercy. These are the two necessary qualities of a ruler that Angelo lacks, and which make him a poor judge. ...read more.


He could be a much better person if he just loosened up a bit and showed a bit of mercy. A character that seems to have more loose morals is Lucio. He sleeps with girls at brothels on a regular basis and lies a lot but we learn that he actually is a good person in act 1 when he goes and pleads Isabella to go and see Angelo and beg for her brother's life. We cannot judge that he is a fully good character but he shows that he is more mercy in him than Angelo ever could. So even though this is quite a short act we learn a lot about the characters and the main themes of the play are introduced here and are developed throughout the play. ...read more.

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