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What time you call this?

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English Homework She returned a few seconds later, there was a little glimmer of satisfaction on her face. She paused in the centre of the' hall, as though wondering what to do next. Then, suddenly, she turned and went across into her husband's study. On the desk she found his address book, and after hunting through it for a while she picked up the phone and dialled a number. "Hello," she said. "Listen - this is Nine East Sixty-second Street . . . Yes, that's right. Could you send someone round as soon as possible, do you think? Yes, it seems to be stuck between the second, and third floors. At least, that's where the indicator's pointing . . . Right away? Oh, that's very kind of you. You see, my legs aren't any too good for walking up a lot of stairs. ...read more.


The repairman started fixing the elevator, he took out a few tools, a spanner, screw driver and a hand drill, he tried and tried to open the jammed elevator but it wouldn't open, Mrs Foster saw this so she offered to help, " do you need help there mister?" "Well", he said with a surprised face "mrs I haven't got the right tools so ill have to come back tomorrow" "No you will not!!! I need it fixed now, so it will get fixed now also I have some tools under the sink in the kitchen" she declared Ill have a look, hopefully you have a crowbar, that's all I need" he replied Fast, fast I don't much have time," she said. So the man got the crowbar, put one end in the gap and put all his weight in the other , Then a little gap emerged and a sudden stench infested the nose of the repairman. ...read more.


She got in the elevator and went up to her bedroom, she put down the suitcase and lied down on the luxurious bed that she had, it consists of a king bed, which had a crown looking thing at each corner of the bed. Half asleep she heard a creeping noise of footsteps; she thought it was nothing but her mind playing on her. The noise got closer and closer, but she was getting sleepier and sleepier. With her eyes slightly closed she could feel a shadow over her, She reluctantly opened her eyes and to her amazement it was Mr foster, "Its alright your safe with me, go back to sleep" he muttered While she was falling into deep asleep, he quietly went to the closet and opens the draw He took a sharp object and walked over to the bed was went towards Mrs foster, put his hand in a plastic bag then stabbed her in the neck. ...read more.

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