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What To Do?

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WHAT TO DO? Its hard enough being a teenager, but being a teenager in this ghetto slum just depresses me. Every night I am awoken by the sound of gunshots or once in blue moon police sirens. The only way I can describe it is like a food chain, the gangs are the hawks and people like myself are the terrified mouse, and we play by their rules and no one else's. Most of the kids my age in this area are into drugs, drink and everything else bad I do have one good friend though, his name is David, and he's a life long friend. We've been at school together for 5 years and we do everything together or we used to. We haven't done much recently because he hasn't been at school or around my house. ...read more.


It was the last day of school and I strolled down the road contemplating what I would do during my holidays, with not a care in the world. When suddenly it all happened, just as I turned into Mill road, the safe shortcut to my house. I saw a truly distressing sight. A short stocky figure standing above, which looked to be the fragile figure of my elderly neighbough Mrs Barrie, her trademark red wig was left bloodstained in the middle of the road. Her skinny skeletal figure was left in a bloodstained mess on the road. The unidentified rouge was now on the run still holding his weapon, which was covered in blood. I was frozen to the spot, Numerous notions sped through my head like an unstoppable train, but I wasn't going to let this assassin escape from my grasp. ...read more.


I had finally caught him, but I wasn't relieved I was exhausted and red in the face unsure of what I would do next. I was both emotionally and physically drained. The culprit slowly put down the weapon "sorry you have to see me like this." He murmured almost trying to disguise his voice as he slowly crept round. My heart fell in my mouth as he gazed into my eyes; I was in a state of shock and horror. I felt sick and out of breath "David" is all I managed to say as he calmly climbed up the fence and ran without looking back. I went back to an empty home dizzy with thoughts and dazed in emotions. I pondered over what to do for over an hour; go against everything I had learnt on the streets or do what was right by the law? But I knew that there was only one way out, only one option "999, how can I help you" ...read more.

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