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What view of his own society does dickens show in a Christmas Carol and Household words?

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What view of his own society does dickens show in a Christmas Carol and Household words? In 1845 Dickens wrote a Christmas Carol and Household word in 1856. He wrote them to demonstrate the conditions in which the poor had to have to live with in the Victorian age. Dickens wrote household words to show the well off people what the conditions were really like. He wrote Christmas Carol to entertain but also to show that things could get better. He shows many aspects of his own society in both texts The conditions for the poor were very hard and cruel. The rest of society did not treat them very well and they were ordered about. There was no care for the ill and slightly poor. Only the people that were destitute were given help and a place to stay for the night. In the morning they were given a piece of bread to last for the day. ...read more.


The less unfortunate people could not help that they were placed in a poor society, they were just unlucky The well off people were not charitable because they wanted to keep the money for themselves. They did this because if any thing was to happen to them in the future they would still have enough money to live on as nobody wanted to end up in the work houses. People like Timothy Winters were not cared for because he was not considederded to be that poor as he had a roof over his head and his father had a job working for Scrooge. Timothy was disabled. The working class man that Dickens was talking to in household words was one of a few that cared about the lower class but there was nothing that he could do about it. He blamed the society for what the lower class had to put up with. ...read more.


For example if you had a fire and lost all off the contents of your business you would end up with no money to live on. You would then end up living in the workhouses, which were not very pleasant places to be in. nobody wanted to end up in a workhouse. But if you had saved money over the years you would still be able to live quite a happy life. This is why the richer people never gave much to the less fortunate. Most of the society was like this. You did get a few people that wanted to share what little they had with the ones who had nothing. In Dickens times every body was only thought about themselves. They would put themselves first and other last. Dickens is demonstrating in both texts that family is important In Dickens time there was three different classes of people, the upper, the working and the lower class. In both text dickens only describes the working and the lower. He talks about how the upper class treats the lower and the working classes. ...read more.

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