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What views of life and death does Dylan Thomas hold, and how effectively does he convey them?

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What views of life and death does Dylan Thomas hold, and how effectively does he convey them? Dylan Thomas expresses many different views of life and death and also displays some complex methods which prove to be quite effective throughout his poetry. All the poems in this booklet immediately struck me with intelligence and it amazed me at how effectively he had written this complex poetry with such deep meaning. A main view expressed in three of these poems is that childhood is slowly ticking by, and soon everyone is going to grow up, and that the innocence and fun of being a child, will soon be lost. 'The Hunchback in the park,' is quite a good poem for conveying this message. The poet compares his own childhood, to how this hunchback looks, and a large and effective contrast is seen from this. For the poet, the park was a place of fun when he was a child, but now that time has passed, and he looks at the hunchback, whose home is the park. 'Innocent as strawberries,' is my favourite line in the poem because it is the clearest suggestion of childhood and innocence not lasting long, and that just like a strawberry, the fresh taste and flavour is soon lost. Fern Hill also included a lot of suggestions that childhood is drawing to an end. He remembers his childhood, and whilst recalling the past, he injects playfulness into the language of the poem, because this sublime poem is all about innocence and playfulness. ...read more.


will not mourn because it was bound to happen anyway, so we should live life to the maximum and refrain from looking at what has already happened. A very clever way of looking at life, in my opinion. Not only are Thomas's views of such intelligent complexity, but the effectiveness of his methods are very helpful too, and allow these clever messages and views of life and death, to emerge with ease. A main view that adds to the smooth way his poems are conveyed is frequent reference to the Bible and god. Apart from 'The Hunchback In The Park,' references to the bible are included in every poem, and I would first like to deal with 'Do not go gentle into that good night.' It mentions the story of Abraham and Isaac, and by the words 'Sad height,' it implies that the strong bond between Thomas and his father would have been lost if his father would not have been determined to fight harder for his life. In the same way, the bond between Abraham and Isaac would have been lost, had Abraham continued with the proceedings, as god had commanded. In 'Fern Hill' there is also strong reference to god creating light and we can see this from the words ' the birth of simple light.' A very strong reference to god in the last poem as well, also proves to be effective. ...read more.


Also, in Poem 6, there is also a distinct structure to the entire poem, again used to hold the message of the poem together. There are four main stanzas, and the first part is far harsher than the second part. I think that the second part is far gentler because the message that is being conveyed in the second half of the poem is more dynamic than the message in the first half. The whole poem progresses around this structure, because the whole poem tells the story of nature unfolding itself, and the vibrancy and vitality of childhood. All in all, Dylan Thomas has used a large range of methods to support his deep thoughts and view of life and death. The fantastic way he does this, causes the reader to think that he was an extremely intellectual individual, despite any biography that was written about his death, which could have been helped, because it was negligent drinking that caused his death. It was this very man, who wrote a poem about his father, telling him to go with aggression and be determined to live on; not to let death overcome him. Yet we see death here, overcoming Dylan Thomas, and all his life he made the choice of being a heavy drinker. Regardless of this, his poetry is so complex, sometimes it becomes hard to understand, so this is a very creditable aspect, and therefore I can conclude by saying that Dylan Thomas's poetry is very effective in conveying his views of life and death. Mikey Holder English Literature Coursework - 1 - ...read more.

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