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What was life like in 30's America, for workers like gorge and Lenni?

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What was life like in 30's America, for workers like gorge and Lenni? Of Mice and Men is, to some point is a story of protest portraying the ruthless reality of life during the great depression in 30's America, because of the slow down in the American economy work was difficult to find. The work that was available was hard and manual and generally paid a low wage. The attitude was 'take it or leave it' because for every mans job a hundred were queuing up to take it. As a result of the depression and the desperation to find work the idea of democracy in the work place went straight out of the window. This was shown more by Lenni telling George to 'keep out of trouble' and avoid the bosses sons wife the idea that 'She's jail bait' "Don't you even take one look at the bitch...no piece of jail bait worse than her." In the story 'Of Mice and Men' there is inequality and unfairness protesting throughout the book this is evident with crooks and curly's wife. Crooks, who is the negro stable buck, is cut off from the rest of the workers, he is treated like an animal and is almost described as living like one, Steinbeck seems to emphasize on how badly crook is treated and how the treatment he receives from other worker has made him someone that is bitter especially towards white people who use racism casually. ...read more.


Life working is hard and because of this all the characters of the book share dreams or have dreams of there own. That dream is of having "a little house and a couple of acres an' a cow and some pigs an' live off the fatta the land", where Lenni can take care of the rabbits. The idea of this dream was too good to believe and for now they could only dream about it, but when Candy overheard George and Lenin's conversation he to wanted to be part of it. Candy was an old man this was his last chance of being part of something. Candy had no family no wife and no property like most of the men on the ranch. The only possession Candy had been his old dog. George and Lenni agreed to let Candy be part of their dream because with him being part of the dream it brought every thing closer to happening. The farm cost $600 and Candy already had $350 needed. Candy's dog was shot by Carlson; it was the right thing to do according to him. 'Look Cand. This ol' just suffers himself all the time.' this pressure that Carlson put Candy under shows the power the younger workers have over the weaker older workers reflecting the working life of 30's America socially. "Guys like us, that work on ranches are loneliest guys in the world...no family...don't belong...no thing to look ahead to...guys get in ...read more.


Curly's wife didn't was never referred to have a name of her own I fell this was typical of 30's America because this was a time when women were seen as house wife's and the men were seen as the breadwinners. Through the time of the depression women were seen as the house wife's and the family makers whilst men were seen as breadwinners. From the start until the end of the story, Curleys wife has no proper given name. Her status is low and a s she is only called 'Curleys Wife' it is as if she was a possession of her husband's. Curley's wife however doesn't stay at home and be a housewife but is portrayed as a flirtatious, but the workforce see her as a threat to them as Curley has a higher status of power, ' You got a husband`. You got no call foolin` around with other guys.' Although Curley's wife's status was low, the story still shows us that black people were treated worse than white women. Overall in the story' Of Mice and Men' it covers all aspects of life for workers and people who are married to workers in 30's America, socially, racially, economically, and in ambitions and dreams. And it show how relationships with George Lenni curly's wife Soufyan Bellahrach 11AJT Mr Hobson "Life In 30's America" Page 1 of 3 5/2/2007 ...read more.

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