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What was the cause of the two lovers’ deaths?

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What was the cause of the two lovers' deaths? I have two very varying opinions on who was to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet. I think that sometimes in a story it is not really anyone's fault, but I also have a main characters to blame. First and foremost it was the lovers fault. I personally do not believe in love at first sight and think it was stupid of them to plan their futures knowing there precessions it would have, that is knowing about the families dispute. Romeo should have not have attended the party after the serving man told him that it was exclusively for Capulets. But because he had a stupid infatuation with Rosalind he defended his right to go, by saying, 'One fairer than my love? ...read more.


They were partly to blame for their unfortunate deaths. I think killing Tybalt was the biggest mistake Romeo made as it led to him being banished and it meant he could not see Juliet again, without the risk of being caught. I don't think though that you can blame Romeo for killing Tybalt as he was determined to fight Romeo and when he refused, Romeo's friend Mercutio called Tybolt to fight. They fought and Romeo in tried to stop them but this ended up with Mercutio dying by the hands of Tybalt. "I was hurt under your arm". Romeo then fought and killed Tybalt. When he finds out that Juliet is dead he says, "Then I defy you stars", meaning he is not going to let Fate decide what happens to him anymore. ...read more.


Another character that there is to blame is the nurse for helping Juliet in the first place if she was not going to stick my Juliet when she needed her the most (when Romeo had got banished and Lord Capulet was telling Juliet to marry Paris). She should have helped her through it rather then turning her back and telling her to marry Paris to save her job. The families in a sense were also to blame. I understand that the dispute had been carried on throughout the decades and it had almost become a tradition, but after realising the intensity of the feelings of their children, they should have at least if not forget the dispute completely just for the sake of their children put their childish disagreements to the side for a little while. They learnt in the end, but by then it was too late. ...read more.

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