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what was the role and importance of friar lawrence in romeo and juliet?

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William Shakespeare, a terrific and an outstanding author who has written over hundreds of magnificent sonnets, plays and poems. From the selection of plays written by a Shakespeare a unique, dramatic and spectacular play is, "Romeo and Juliet". "Romeo and Juliet" a well written novel which is built on the foundation of love, hatred and revenge. Shakespeare has used many techniques to grab the audience's attention like suspense, dramatic irony and stage craft. Stage craft is the skill that goes into writing a play so that it's fantastic when performed by actors on stage. Involved in this astonishing play is "Friar Lawrence"; at this moment you would be wondering what is a Friar? Well a Friar is a Franciscan Monk, a man who is a member of certain Roman Catholic religious orders, who vowed to live a life of poverty. After explaining what is a Friar, a question is left unanswered, "What was the role and importance of Friar Lawrence in Romeo and Juliet?" First of all, the time when we first meet Friar Lawrence we can identify his personality, when it says, "We sucking on her natural bosom find, Many for many virtues excellent, None but for some and yet all different. O, mickle is the powerful grace that lies In herbs, plants, stones and their true qualities." ...read more.


And "Be sacrificed, some honour before time, Unto the rigour of severest law". At the end of the play the Friar confessed to the Prince at the end of the play to clear up all the confusions though he knew he would be punished he neither ran away or lied to save himself. Because the Friar was truthful he told the truth, therefore it was important that a Friar was involved in the play. Moreover, the Friar had unique characteristics of being calm, like it says, "In what vile part of this anatomy Doth my name lodge? Tell me, that I may sack The hateful mansion." And "If the wisdom thou canst give no help, Do thou but call my resolution wise, And with this knife I'll help it presently". In the play both Romeo and Juliet tried to commit suicide but the Friar always use to stop them from doing such a treacherous crime. Friar Lawrence always try's to calm down situations like when Juliet died he tried to calm down everyone so that the funeral could take place. I feel that it was important that the Friar was a calm person because he would not have been able to prevent Romeo and Juliet from committing suicide. ...read more.


If the Friar was not a confessor he would have not known Romeo secrets and also he wouldn't have confessed at the end of the play as he was a religious man. Due to, the Friar being man of God he would not have a good intention in marrying Romeo and Juliet. But besides that, I think that he married them immorally as their own parents were not aware of their marriage, he broke the trust of the society on him as in those days religion was very important for the society. On the other hand, if the Friar did not marry Romeo and Juliet they would have most probably committed suicide. Since, religion was extremely important the Friar had a lot of influence, he had known to be very trustworthy which thus he had a lot of power. Because of this no one could have ever suspected the Friar in the involvement of Romeo and Juliet's marriage. Because he had power, he had many connections which made him able to send Romeo to Mantua and send a messenger to him. As I have mentioned above the role and importance of Friar Lawrence, I think that only the Friar was capable in marrying Romeo and Juliet because all his characteristics fitted in the play. ...read more.

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