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What would the world be like today if mobile phones had never been invented? Many scientists argue that mobile phones cause more problems than they solve.

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Mobiles Today What would the world be like today if mobile phones had never been invented? Many scientists argue that mobile phones cause more problems than they solve. This still doesn't hide the fact that we think of mobile phones as a necessary item to have on our person. I don't think I could leave the house without mine! In our advanced society adults, teens and even children as young as six have access to their own mobile phone although for a six year old it is most likely a fake one. However if a child as young as six is brought up with people who use mobiles as much as they use oxygen the child may grow up to believe that mobile phones are cool and a necessary accessory. The scary fact about mobiles is that they cause brain damage and tumours to at least 30% of its users. In my opinion 30% is more than enough to make people realise that they are an unhealthy risk and should not be given to anyone as young as sixteen. ...read more.


What if you were with your friends and that once-in-a-lifetime moment happened and you didn't have a camera phone? Camera phones are a pocket sized photo album. Many celebrities say the camera phone is the "signature of the twenty-first century!" with which I agree. However, if a camera phone is stolen, the thief will have private images and pictures and numbers. Mobiles are always thought of as bringing people together. They are also thought of as bringing unwanted people to your doorstep. Fourteen-year-old Sally O'Hanlon is a great example of this. Here is her story: "Last year on my thirteenth birthday my mum had bought me a new mobile. It was a brand new model. None of my friends had it! It had all the latest technology and easy Internet access! There was a great camera with a memory card inserted to store pictures. Texts were only 5p and I had three hundred free minutes. I was showing it off to my classmates the next day at school during lunch break and for a laugh me and my mate Trisha accessed a chat room for teens over the Internet. ...read more.


However, there is no better way to keep in touch with friends and family. Mobiles are also very helpful, as you don't need to carry around an address book with you in case you need to ring someone. For example during the summer I had gone out with some friends to the cinema and rang my mum to collect me. She arrived a few minutes later whereas my friend, who lives furthest away from the town centre, had forgot her phone and was unable to pay for a payphone due to the high prices in the cinema. Mobiles are also a handy way of keeping in touch with friends living in different countries. My friend Tasha lives in London with her family and I keep in contact with her via texting and email. In conclusion, I think that mobile phones are an excellent way of communicating with other people and are great for emergencies. I try not to ring people too much, as that is what causes the brain damage and I do think it is a serious problem. I also think that mobile phones encourage bullying but even without mobiles people will still try to undermine others to make themselves feel big. Kate McCaul S2F. ...read more.

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