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When death knocks on the door - creative writing

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When death knocks on the door There was no way to predict what John was going to have to face. Winter vacations were closer day by day and John, along with his father, had been planning a trip from months beforehand. It was an excursion to the far, isolated mountains of Finland as both men enjoyed the solitude the inaccessible mountains reigned. It was well known that safety was not optimum in the Finnish Mountains and both men understood the risks, but the jeopardy seemed modest compared to the reward of privacy. Their destination was known for its grasping dangerous claws, high cold cliffs, hungry for death; everlasting bad weather. Nonetheless, it was decided to go forward with the excursion. It would only be a matter of a few days. Long after the beautiful view of driving through the rough dirt roads alongside the forest, they arrived at their camping site. They started unpacking their things, preparing a proper portion of food for each other, saving the scarce rest for the following days. ...read more.


As they awoke the next day, they realized the snowstorm had left the vehicle buried almost completely in snow. They found themselves in shock as they witnessed the wreckage the snow storm had caused all around. Even worst, the dirt road, covered completely in snow, was nowhere to be found. Panic possessed them as they would not be able to return to their camp site and even less to civilization for aid. They desperately tried to ignite the engine but there was no answer. John understood the risk of waiting for someone to come near them, he knows that it is necessary to look for help himself, as his father was in no conditions to do so due to his age and his poor physical state. He took a crucial decision, an act of solidarity, bravery and love for his father. He decided to go seek aid himself, alone, through the dangerous mountains. His father protests, but he knew that it was inevitable and a matter of life and death. ...read more.


He felt anxious, weak and desperate, perceiving death as an easy escape, but his father depended on him and he could no let him down. He decided to continue his trip, in spite of the darkness. After walking for hours he saw a ray of sunlight. He had spent the entire night walking and was exhausted. Then suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw what looked to be a gas station. He hastily ran to the station but soon realized it was abandoned, with all his hope crushed he entered it and saw what to him was relief, he had found a phone, with his last glimpse of energy he took the phone and called the police, who told him thy would look for him and his father. He waited for hours thinking the worst was coming his way, but after some hours he spotted a helicopter coming directly at him thinking everything was alright but as he entered the helicopter he noticed that his father was not there, he quickly asked the pilot what had happened and he realized his worst nightmare had become true, his father had died. ...read more.

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