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When Don Jon told me Hero is disloyal, I panicked. At that minute hurtful feelings were rushing through my mind.

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Sweet Hero is the love of my life. Such a wonderful relationship we have. I never felt this happy before. I am a lucky man to be with her. It was love at first sight for us. She is like a beautiful rose fallen from heaven. Her beautiful smiles make me want to kiss her. She is so reliable and innocent. She is the person in my life that brings shine to it. When we get married eventually, we are going live happily ever after. We are going to grow old together. We have passion of love for each other. ...read more.


What proof is there to say he isn't? I felt so humiliated that night. My heart is shattered to pieces. I disown Hero after finding out she lost her virginity to someone else. It is tearing me apart that she lost her virginity to another man. I am ashamed that she embarrassed me in front of my friends. Why would she do something cruel to me? I wonder what bad I have done to her in the past to make her go of with that man. Why would she betray me before our wedding? It's not fair for me to find it out for myself. She at least could have told me the truth. ...read more.


It's to shame her now or never. Here it goes..... I am very happy and couldn't be gladder any other way. I had every right to humiliate her in front of everyone at the ceremony. My public denouncement of Hero shows how she is no longer worthy of my honour. She was faking that she was conscious and confused. She thought she would get away with out anyone finding out. She deserves to be punished, badly. Now she knows there is no escape from the truth. She is the type of person that should never get loved or forgiven. I don't think I would ever forgive her. Why could I ever forgive her for being unfaithful to me? I would never love her again. ...read more.

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