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When Eric Birling describes Eva Smith, he says ' She was a pretty and a good sport.' How do the other characters in the play see Eva Smith and what is your final opinion of her?

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When Eric Birling describes Eva Smith, he says ' She was a pretty and a good sport.' How do the other characters in the play see Eva Smith and what is your final opinion of her? Within 'An Inspector Calls' we learn about the sequence of events leading to Eva Smiths death, throughout the confession of the other characters. JB Priestly uses the Inspector as a catalyst and as the voice of a conscience as we, the audience gain more insight into how the various characters manipulated and used Eva for their own gain. In this quote Eric states, ' I suppose fifty pounds all told'. This shows that Eric gave her money after he had used her either to keep her quiet or actually in pity for her. The other characters feel sorry for what happened to Eva Smith although some people put on a brave face and hide their real feelings. They also think of as very little of her and that she wasn't much of a loss to society. ...read more.


and she replied, ' Yes'. This shows that Mrs Birling was prejudiced even before Eva presented her need to Mrs Birling for money. She is quick to shift the blame to someone else for example '...I blame the young man who was the father of the child she was going to have...'. The charity that she is the Chair Person of, makes her think that she is helping people of a lower class to herself, but really she isn't at all - she is emphasising the power that the upper classes have over the poor. The charity also relieves the guilt from Mrs Birlings mind because she thinks that she is helping the lower classes. The Inspector defends Eva, he feels sorry for her because she is of a lower class. He individually phrases his questions so that the truth will slowly unravel. He interrogates one person at a time so that the other people cannot quickly think of a way to hide the truth. ...read more.


Also if she hadn't gone down to the hotel, which was favourite for the haunt of the women of the town she might never of met Gerald. I think she was hanging around place like this so she could do exactly what she did to Gerald make people feel sorry for her and then reap the rewards, in Gerald's case she got a new home and had rather interesting relationship with him. My opinion of Eva is that she had unfortunate circumstances and that some of these were due to large egos, emotional distress and prejudice. The Birling family not being secure and stable caused all these and that each person in this family was feeling incomplete with what they had in life and therefore wanted more. Although in Sheila's case she was emotionally distressed because she felt jealously towards Eva and her good looks. Eva also should not of felt that she was above all the other staff in Mr Birling's company and not tried to have a revolt, this is what started he steep incline of social disadvantage. By Matthew Walpole 10B ...read more.

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