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When Fantasy becomes reality

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Syed Aljufri 11-S If Only Essay English Title: When Fantasy becomes reality 2000 years of captivity in the Mika penitentiary. Separated from my friends and relatives 2000 years ago, separated from my kingdom and separated from liberty. I never liked the prison. There wasn't any light, any breath of fresh air and no craving for food. 2000 years of lonesomeness and boredom will never ever be forgotten. 24 hrs and 30 minutes till my freedom. I couldn't wait any longer. I was set free finally. I was drained and starving. There was a nearby river called the 'MIYA RIVER'. I washed myself for a while and hunt some fishes. It was a cold and silent day. The sky was completely white and snow poured calmly to the ground. And of course, I was freezing to death. I couldn't even start up a fire. I just ate the raw meat of the fishes I caught, hoping that would be enough for me to live another day. I just drank salt water from the river. It was tasteless. There was no bitterness at all, maybe, because it was freezing cold and I couldn't felt anything when I was eating or drinking. ...read more.


I wore her favorite necklace that she gave me before she died. Hand-made by her, a wooden string with a beautiful pendant attached to it. It has a symbol carved into it. It looked like a lion. Maybe it symbolizes of my courage and my strong will to strive forward. I really loved her from my bottom of my heart. Back to Gou, he told me that I couldn't stay in this place. "Do you want to know the truth about all of this? Do you want to know why you are here? Follow me and be silent". He told me that. I couldn't understand him for one moment. He brought me to the eidolon. "Are you out of your mind? Do you want to get all of us killed?" I shouted at him. "This is it." He said in a calmly, muffled voice. He dragged me underneath the eidolon. I never felt so scared like this in my life but I tried to stay calm and remember mom's words. I couldn't say a word. I felt stiffed. "This is it. This is where you will go." ...read more.


Nothing had changed. It was all the same just like 2000 years ago. We had tea and a little discussion. "Yuren, the eidolon, Ramuh, is still alive. I thought we took care of it a long time ago. I thought the summoner killed it." Gou uttered. "Yes. Ramuh died a long time ago. It's body died. But its spirit lived. The spirit will obtain a body of any human." Yuren replied. "Not to interrupt or anything, I just want to know more about this eidolon...where did it come from?" I told Grandfather Yuren. "Well son...didn't your father, Ryo, tell you about this?" Grandfather Yuren asked me. "Yuren, the child needs some rest. Let him rest a little." Gou uttered. I was lying in the bed while staring at the ceiling and thoughts entered my head. I never knew my father, Gou, so that was his name. I wonder if he is still alive and what problems did he give to my mother to make her hate him so much. I have to find out that myself. If only my mom was still alive, I would know the truth and live a blissful life. But there was something not right about Gou, something about his eyes that made my heart pounding faster every time I stare into them. To be continued... ...read more.

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