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When first reading this book it is very easy of the reader to assume that is it purely about social class - An Inspector Calls.

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When first reading this book it is very easy of the reader to assume that is it purely about social class, first of all we are shown the Birling family celebrating Sheila Birling's engagement to Gerald Croft. (Note: - Son of a leading manufacturer and rival to Arthur Birling.) From the beginning it is clear that Birling is a man surrounded by people socially above him (i.e. his wife and Gerald.) Mr Birling is that of a social climber hoping to one day to become equal to Gerald's father. But in all Mr Billings attempts to before of higher status, his lack of breeding shows through by his comment made at dinner "Very nice. Good dinner too, Sybil. Tell cook from me.' Even though Sheila is a girl in her early twenties she is still treated very much like a child and is scolded by her mother "men with important work to do sometimes have to spend nearly all their time and energy on their business." Sheila is seen to be somewhat incompetent and helpless on her own without her parents. Then there is Gerald who has no need to show off his social status unlike his future father in-law, since he has know it all his life. ...read more.


The impression the observer gets when the play first starts is that the Birlings house is fitting for the family of a prosperous manufacturer. This indicates that this family are the sort of people who can expected to have certain attitudes for this time period (1912). From the very beginning of the play and all the way through, there is always some appearance of alcohol in this play. Alcohol is very much a part of Birling life and symbolizes the affluence, which is abused by those who are new to it. Very much like Eric who unlike Gerald can not handle his drink, which later because of it ends up raping Eva. But one of the must see that Eric isn't entirely to blame, to the extent it is both Mr and Mrs Birling who are to blame by the fact that they choose not to notice the real Eric who drinks 'you're not the type- you don't get drunk.' Instead there to busy trying to create their own ideal family in their heads, they whish people to see them as perfection when ironically they're far from it. And because of this Eric finds that he feels a disappointment to not only himself but his family and also feels that he has ...read more.


Eva would not accept more money from Eric when she knew it was stolen and she is big enough a person to protect him when she meets his mother, even though it is at her own expense. A lesser person with low qualities would have exploited either or both of these men for their money. Showing that people were prejudice then and still are to day. The time period the play was set in showed the way people were treated because of their class. In toady society it comes in may varied forms of prejudice such as racism. Were people are treated depending on their skin colour. And as time goes on this prejudice will yet again be varied to another. A fair conclusion to this play would be that this play constantly portrays the way people are treated, often one as a dominating superior and the other as a low inferior (i.e. Mrs and Mr Birling.) But throughout the whole play it is on thing, which determines how someone is treated 'social status.' It seems that with the "chain of command" that the one with the lowest social status is the one most mal treated. And by a bad chance Eva just happened to be at the bottom of it. ...read more.

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