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When I grow up I want to be...

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When I grow up I want to be... "Is being 14 the age to think about your future?" That's all I said to my mum while we were arguing. I mean being14 means enjoying being a teenager. But if you have parents stuck to your back then maybe thinking about the future is the only thing you can do! Now looking at my mum is an example. Her parents wanted her to be a doctor but she couldn't and now she's on my back to be a doctor. I don't really see why parents get on your nerves. I told them I want to be an air hostess, they said no. A pilot and they said no. A doctor...YES! But being a doctor doesn't really inspire me. I remember when I was a kid; I loved playing doctor and patient. I was always the doctor. But things have changed. I mean having to do the same thing as you did since you were a kid isn't what I call life. Look at my dad now, he hated being a doctor and now he's one of the best cardiologist you will find (by the way a cardiologist is a heart specialist). ...read more.


He did become rich. In my country, most rich people just brought shops in different areas and made money through them. Then my granddad passed it down to my dad and uncles. (My aunties got married and became housewives). Even they worked hard and still are. All of them are thinking of passing it down to me and my cousins when we grow up. My parents don't want me to do all this. They want me to start something of my own. And my mum thinks being a doctor is the best because her little sister died at a very young age. The doctors really didn't bother. But my mum wants me to bother and take care of all the people around me. So is there a job that will inspire me? I knew looking up in the internet would help me. "What are you interested in?" That's all they ask you? Well...a job where I can work with kids, have a good reputation, be practical, help the community and be respected. Wow, they really have me a good list of jobs. ...read more.


I thanked my friend a lot for the help and she advised me to tell my parents about this, at least they'll be happy in one thing I've done in life. When I told my parents, they were so happy that they even gave me a new lecture, 'now that you know what you want to be, you should always remember to work for it from now'. Okay, I get your message. I mean my mum wasn't really happy to hear 'paediatrician' but I think she got the message when I told her what a paediatrician is. She became happy. Now sometimes I think all the advice, suggestions and lectures my parents gave me have got me to this stage. Or maybe I would still be sitting, thinking 'lets enjoy life, I'm only 14' Well being 14 is about having fun but sometimes you have to take serious decisions about you're own life and in my opinion I think that this is the right age to think about it. And like my parents use to say to me 'being 14 lands you into trouble'. I have never understood what they mean. But now I think I know what they mean. Do you? ?? ?? ?? ?? Nitu Kapoor - G.C.S.E Creative writing coursework ...read more.

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