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When I was dreaming about Cambridge

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When I was dreaming about Cambridge?? Since this is the first composition of the class, I would like to say something that comes to my mind first instead of writing under a rigid manner and I hope I am figuring out how to write a decent essay. When I was 7 or so , I heard about Cambridge. At that time, Cambridge was actually a bridge located in a super far country called England as I am concerned, where there were lots of talented poets and writers went boating below. And then here came the very first enlightenment and the everlasting prosper in human history. It was like a magic bridge that endowed people with unimaginable innovations and a soul for meditation. ...read more.


It was the cradle of what we had achieved so far and was still giving birth to various great ideas and thoughts that were meant to change the world someday. It has Newton from whom I learned about gravity, Byron who led me to a world of romance and sentiment, Darwin from whom I understood why I could be in this world?? Suddenly, it seemed everything I learned derived from this college. Cambridge then became a symbol of knowledge and humanity for me and the overwhelming power it brought from its essence pushed me to dig out every possible way to get close to it. Well, it was just a fantasy, just a fantasy. ...read more.


Cambridge is my ultimate motive and inspiration to move forward. It never means that I set my heart to get enrolled in Cambridge (which is totally my first intention), it is more of a revelation when I get stuck in my life. Now I am a senior, while enjoying the last year of college, I should contemplate my life forward and I have decided to get my master’s degree in the US. Maybe few people at my age don’t have this childhood obsession on a college, but I am fortunate that I have. Cambridge may still be a dream and I think I am getting closer and closer to it. å¤å½è¯­å­¦é¢ 09级 å´ç¨ç¨ 0941051136 ...read more.

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