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When most children are young they have their parents to help them choose their friends.

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Bobby Mcmillan Professor Floyd English 101 January 27 2004 When most children are young they have their parents to help them choose their friends. Then, when children become teenagers and young adults they are expected to take their parents advice and guidance, and choose their own friends. Many times, teenagers choose the wrong friends. When I was fourteen I chose the wrong people to be associated with. We were at a little gas station by my grandparents house, and because of their actions we had guns pulled on us. On a Friday night, my cousin Wayne and I were spending the night at my grandparents house. We decided that we wanted to go find something to do with the other kids in the neighborhood. After asking our grandfather if we could go out, we wandered around the neighborhood finding all of our friends. Including my cousin and I, we had a group of five people. ...read more.


Then, my cousin and the rest of the guys began to act dangerous. They would run out into the road and run back right before cars got there. They also were throwing the football in the street. Because I am more reserved person, I was just standing off to the side. After doing that for a few minutes, they went back into the woods and told me to follow. We went and hid behind the trees. A blue Ford Mustang pulled up and one of the two guys inside the car went in the gas station. Josh and my cousin Wayne began yelling crude remarks at the car. After a few minutes of yelling, the guy from the mustang that had gone in the store came out and walked to his car. He talked with the passenger for a moment while my cousin and josh continued yelling. The got out of the car and we took off running. ...read more.


As we were walking, we thought that we seen the Mustang driving by. We all dove for the ground and ditch, as the car passed. When we got up we jogged back to josh's house. After being there for a few minutes the guy in the s-10 truck pulled up and told us that when he got out of the gas station the guys chased him down the neighborhood road, thinking that he had been with us. After standing around for awhile, everyone went home. My cousin and I walked home and didn't really mention what happened much. I thought to myself that we were lucky, we could have been injured by the trees as we ran through the woods in the dark, or even the guys with the guns. I wanted to be with my cousin that night so I went against my better judgment and went with them up to the gas station knowing that they were trouble-makers. Sometimes when children and teenagers want to fit in they will associate with the wrong crowd, even with the proper guidance from their parents. ...read more.

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