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When Mr.Tefler first introduced the term slam poetry, no one knew the exact meaning behind it. I expected it to be a kind of poetry competition

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Poetry Unit Reflection ? 10.2 Cherry Wu I still recall the moment when we were first introduced to our new unit of the year ?Poetries?, how the crowd roared with disappointment and annoyance. And I, sat on my seat thinking ?not again?? There was no doubt in my head that poetries were dull and old fashioned, like sentences scrapping on ancient leather, and poets trying to convey deep meanings that no one could simply understand. It requires countless layers of analysis just to unfold a symbolic message hidden behind a stanza of text, therefore I also found poetries time consuming and a waste of time. ...read more.


Poetries were sung with a natural melody built from the poets? emotions and it brought life to the plain text. As a participant in the Hong Kong Speech Festival, I have always been taught to do poetry performances with a specific rhythmic pattern to emphasize on the impulse of wordings. Therefore, the poetries I perform often sounded like words spoken through a radio, with levels of tones but no true emotions. My views on poetry performance was further expanded after watching the live slam poetry performance by Luca Lessons, which he has proven to us that the duty of the performer is not to merely read out the lines, but should instill the lines with a life. ...read more.


The formatting, length or vocabularies used does not matter in a poetry, what really matters is how much ink is poured from your heart onto the piece of work. Luca Lesson, the slam poetry champion told us that ?Every single word written on the sheet of paper matters, and can make a significant impact? After the unit, I am now convinced that through poetry, a writer?s confession can truly impact the values of the reader or listener in a way that could be remembered for a lifetime. Moreover, I have come to the conclusion that: Poetry, is not simply consisted of words and sentences Poetry, is a passion, a confession and an expression for those who wish to make a change through peace. ...read more.

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