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When Othello gets the letter from Lodovico and he reads it, I think Lodovico assumes that Othello is distracted because of the contents of the letter because he has to return back to Venice, when actually it is about Cassio and Desdemona

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Othello is a play set in Venice- Venice was a republic, which had a good reputation for its religious and political tolerance. It was very successful in business and had contacts, with countries around the Mediterranean Sea, such as Crete, Cyprus and many more. In Italy, Italian people were shrewd and calculating. Furthermore, the women were erudite; also they were very renowned, for being prostitutes. Finally the law were very reasonable and it was a place of stability and honesty. However, in Shakespeare's time which was the sixteenth century, there was major war between the Turks and Venice, because the Ottoman Empire, wanted to gain more power, because they controlled half of the East Empire, and they wanted to gain total control of the East of Europe. Also Venice was in between the western part of Europe and the eastern part of Europe. Furthermore, if the Turks invaded that, then they can reach the western part of Europe; which would assure them victory over the western part of Europe, if they conquered Venice. ...read more.


Secondly, Lodovico starts arguing back, and I think Lodovico, knows the difference between right and wrong, and how you should treat someone who loves him. Because he says "Tis very much" Which means this is outrageous, hurting a superior, due to Desdemona is the cousin of Lodovico and he is a senator, also in public, which would humiliate her. When Othello says her "tears" are like "crocodiles" because they use it to bring their preys to them, in her case, she is using it to deceive Othello and everyone else, that she isn't with Cassio and that she is going to betray him. However, Lodovico stands up to Othello, because Lodovico says " An obedient lady... call her back" Showing how much authority he is using to make Othello show love and care towards Desdemona. I think Lodovico, is right for doing this because he is trying to show Othello that, she is not corrupt, that she is pure and honest, and that she will not betray him in anyway or anyhow. Next, When Othello calls her back, he mentions that she "turns... ...read more.


In the final part of the play, Lodovico has lost complete faith in Othello, because he finally says, "I am sorry that I am deceived in him." I can agree with Lodovico, because if I saw all this happening straight away, I would lose trust in Othello. In my conclusion, I think Othello is a man who has lost his honour and pride to insanity when he thinks he hasn't yet. In addition, he shows gullibility, which makes it worse, because he believed everything that Iago, said without taking asking Cassio or Desdemona about himself which makes us not think Othello is a good friend but a traitor to himself and his friend also wife. Finally I think Lodovico, is a trustworthy man, because he has seen this and is frustrated due to the strike to one of his family members, so we understand how he feels. If he had done that in Venice, he would be punished severely, for treating one of the senator's family's like that. Also Venice might not trade with Cyprus anymore. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mahmoud Elsherif In What ways does this extract illustrate the importance of Venice and the role played its representative, Lodovico? 31/10/07 ...read more.

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