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When the bell rang there was a sigh of relief because the whole class knew that the lesson was over.

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GCSE English Coursework Patrick Brosnan Original Writing When the bell rang there was a sigh of relief because the whole class knew that the lesson was over. The teacher dismissed us. My best friend Declan and I discussed the teams for the football match as we walked. After a few minutes of discussion we were on the yard with shocking red jumpers for goalposts, a large, hard football in the centre waiting to be kicked and two sets of teams ready to do battle. One of the players on the opposing team, Liam Martin was twice the size of the other players. He had always been the largest member of the class even in our first year. Liam was almost like a miniature sumo wrestler with the brain of a ten year old. He looked completely out of place with the rest of the class. He was a brilliant rugby player. I remember, about half way through the match the ball was rolled to Liam. I ran towards him as he kicked it. The ball left his foot and seemed to travel in slow motion. I felt like the centre pin in a bowling alley as a big heavy bowling ball came straight towards me. ...read more.


Mrs Abbott patted me on the back patronisingly and smugly commented, 'Worse things happen at sea!' When my mum eventually arrived she walked over and hugged me. For those few moments the pain ceased and everything seemed better. The teacher told my mum that I was 'making a meal of it'. My mum disagreed with this comment as I remember she looked disgusted. I was taken to the Bradford Royal Infirmary. I hated hospitals mainly because of the distinctive antiseptic smell that hung in the air like mist on a damp morning in December. I was very frightened when we entered. I remember feeling an unruly shot of pain penetrating through my jaw as I spoke to the receptionist. Immediately 'Patrick Brosnan' was called out over the loud speaker. I was directed into a small room and was told to sit on the bed. A few seconds later a male doctor came in; he looked in a state of routine boredom and peered over the top of his spectacles. He was wearing a long, white coat and had a stethoscope hanging round his neck. He had a grey beard and said 'Hello' in a foreign accent. ...read more.


Whilst in the ambulance there were a million thoughts going through my head mainly about the chance of my surviving this general anaesthetic. I was absolutely terrified and even comforting words from my mother were no consolation to me at this stage. I wanted the journey to last forever but it took no more than five minutes. I was wheeled slowly towards the hospital with my head down like a condemned man being taken to his execution. With great efficiency the well oiled machinery of the N.H.S. went into action and I was whisked away on a trolley by two porters with their usual merriness . The journey again flew by. At this stage I just wanted to get off the trolley and run away. The porters pushed the trolley through another set of doors and we were in the operating theatre. The Russian doctor was there, now dressed all in green with a mask covering up his beard. He had a tray next to him with some syringes on it. I tried to stay as calm as possible. He put an injection into my arm. Could I count to five? On regaining consciousness I was relieved to see my mother but the pain had not diminished. My mum looked at me and said, "Making a meal of it... I don't think you'll be eating a meal for a while with that jaw! ...read more.

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